Come right in. We love visitors. Did you bring us something to eat? Yes, I am the foodie among us, although probably the one who eats the least.

Our first post here but not the first time that we are sharing the story and journey of Daughters of Sheba Foundation – DOS as we love to call her.

Oh, yes, it is she.

DOS was started almost eight years ago now, first as a private and changed to a secret Facebook Group. Claudette, me, decided to both form the group and maintain its secrecy to provide women with a space to tell their stories.

The group evolved over time, almost defunct at a point. However there was always a core group of Sistahs, as we call ourselves, that maintained contact. What kept this core together was our shared pain, joy, challenges, achievements – our lives that needed someone other than a mate, that part of every woman who needs a Sistah.

Women have this special, inexplicable bond.

That is the bond that we hope to create and nurture with the women and children that we now are reaching out to as a Foundation.

We hope you will come along the journey with us – in, through and along the journey of our recipients.

Visit with us often, check out our Facebook and Instagram pages daily, twice a day even as something is always happening!

See you soon,


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