Why We Serve – Claudette Esterine-Campbell

My mother did odd jobs after her small hairdressing business crashed. We constantly moved house, hiding from landlords who she owed rent, bill collectors and everyone she borrowed money from.

During all this time, I was the target of her anger that resulted in a knife and other scars on my body. As if that trauma was not enough, there was the childhood sexual assault that continued into my teen years. That happened with my mother’s male friends, lodgers, neighbours, friends and family members.

Money was short and love was completely absent from my dwelling place. The only thing that was constant in my life was education. I started basic school at 2+ years old and now at 55 years old, I am still in school.

My mother used to say, “Education will tek you through the wurl!” In my case, it took me to the former U.S.S.R, across Europe, throughout the Caribbean, the United States and almost 20 year ago to Canada.

Another thing my mother would say or ask me was, “Who you tink you be? Queen a Sheba?”

For me, why I serve is to answer that question, to make my mess my message and to say to any woman, child or young person, “Yes you can!”

Yes, you are royalty. You are enough. You can overcome sexual assault, poverty, physical abuse. You can learn whatever you set your mind to. You are wealthy beyond measure.

My life took another turn a few weeks ago. My husband of only five months was murdered. I am in pain. I am angry at this new label that has been put on me – widow, made so by gun violence.

I serve to support, to help heal, to teach, to uplift any woman, child or young person bearing the same scars and wounds that I did and do. I serve to remind myself and you that we are all children of a Mighty Creator, children of Royalty, daughters of Wisdom and a Mighty Source. As I help myself through helping you.

Looking forward to serving you.

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