So, You Want To Start Your Own Business

Of the many things we are learning through this COVID-19 experience is that having a job is no guarantee of security. There is growing interest now to own a business.

Working For The Man

Even before many countries were locked down, starting in March 2020, a lot of people were thinking about starting their own business.

“Working for the man” can be strenuous and soul-wrenching. Nine to five is not for everyone. Thirty-minutes lunch break, especially here in North America, is too short. By the time you get to use the microwave and sit to eat, lunch break is almost over. When my mind goes back to my days on the job in Jamaica, one-hour lunch break seems like such a luxury.

Owning A Business Is No Picnic

Starting and running your own business is no walk in the park. Quite the contrary; when you are a business owner, your working hours are 24/7.

The business, for you as the owner, is never closed even when the doors are. Bookkeeping, inventory, cleaning up, restocking, etc still needs to get done. There are some realities that dreamers of self-employment often fail to recognise.

In a 2016 article, Kathy David, a Contributor to HuffPost listed five of these “harsh realities” as:

  1. the economy can go south at any time
  2. some of your customers will try to rip you off
  3. you just gave up a 40-Hour a week job to run your 80-Hours (or more) a week business
  4. your employees do not owe you anything
  5. running and growing a business is just flat out one of the hardest things anyone can do

Read the full article here for more details. If operating your own business is on your agenda, you will want to go in with your eyes wide open.

What Business Is Right For You?

When considering starting a business, you must do an honest assessment of your skills, talents and most importantly your passion.

There is really no point in starting, for instance, a dog walking service when you hate dogs!

The road of entrepreneurship can be difficult at times, to say the least. Every successful entrepreneur has asked themselves at one point or another, ‘Did I make a mistake? Should I even be trying to start my own business?’ – Allison Canty, Grasshopper Blog

Many assessment tools are available. Check out Canty’s blog post for some and do your research and find others before you make the leap.

Recently, we shared one example of a potential opportunity – thrift store. It is not for everyone and not suited everywhere. However, with economies faltering or sinking in many countries or communities, it is one that you might want to assess.

Ideas, Ideas, Ideas – Check One

At this time, we at Daughters of Sheba Foundation are centering our attention in this early stage on Jamaica. For the short time that we opened up to the general public, the requests for support have been flowing in. Responding to the potential clients approaching us, one of our main concern is whether they are simply copying others or have they done the research?

Popular among these requests is chicken farming. We are currently in the process of assisting one of our clients to start one. However, the number of requests for help to start raising and selling chicken is overwhelming.

How many chicken farmers can there be on one island? What about other opportunities?

Went in search of ideas and came across quite a few. However, this particular article caught my attention as it had 35 ideas for small businesses in Jamaica. Of course, they require an investment of funds – from little to large. The list includes, on the lower investment scale and home-based, ventures such as:

  • Handicrafts – of particular interest (to me) ceramic goods and wall hangings
  • Freelance Writing
  • Teaching (Online)

Then there are the ventures that require a bit more investment. Check out the full article and you might just see something that you have the relevant talent, skills and passion to do.

Remember, this is a technological world we have advanced into and it will get even more so over time. While we need to eat and chicken is good protein, not everyone can raise them.

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