99 Problems And You Have To Head Off All Of Them!

99 problems, however, you are not one of them. That was the underlying theme of a popular song a few years ago. I loved it!

99 Problems To Head Off

For years now, Enthusiasm Makes The Difference, a book written by Norman Vincent Peale, has been off and on my night table.  Being a morning person, that is when books like these will be read. The information, ideas and inspiration are best understood and discerned by me early mornings. Peale’s book was beside me nightly last when my mind was full with the result of a breast examination. What it would mean for my life if the result was positive was uppermost? One more problem.

Too Many Darn Problems

The COVID-19 pandemic has added a multitude of problems to many already long lists of issues!

“Struggle Is Part Of Nature,” Peale wrote in this book.

Of course the world is full of trouble, deep, dark, grievous trouble. The world is full of problems, hard knotty problems. If any politician or preacher tells you that all problems are going to be eliminated from this world through some panacea, do not fall for it. The constitution of the universe does not support it. The world is made on the basis of struggle; and struggle is inevitably attended by difficulty, often by pain plus hardship. Norman Vincent Peale

Every time that I read those words, another light bulb comes on in my head. In that instance, the harshest moments of my life flashes across my mind’s screen. Swiftly behind those flashes, however, are the achievements that resulted from those experiences.

Smile And Keep Moving

Do not get me wrong, most if not all problems are unwelcomed. Who in their rational mind would want:

  • To come home to see their parent’s house being emptied by bailiffs?
  • Their genius, or so they thought, start-up business fail and do so dramatically?
  • A much-longed-for marriage or relationship to end in domestic abuse or betrayal?
  • To be conned out of every penny they have and be left bankrupt?

Absolutely no one is the correct answer but these “problems” happen every day to many people.

Take Your Problems Apart

Do not misread that headline to mean get into a royal battle with the challenges in your life. Over the years, below are what my 99 problems taught me.

  1. Before anything else, take a deep breath and do not panic when a challenge arises.
  2. Do not catastrophize your situation. It is not the end of the world. Words that easily come to me when a challenge looms before me are: “Be still and Know.”
  3. “Skip the post-mortems.” This is a key strategy Dr Peale offered. The “why did I’s?” solve nothing.
  4. Clarify what is before you by writing out the situation. Dr Peale refers to this step as “de-confusing.” Years ago, watching Oprah she used the phrase, “writing clarifies,” and that became my reason for blogging. Writing and specifically writing a new version, a different ending usually opens up a solution or an exit from the ‘calamity’.
  5. Last but most important: allow the opening up of the solution through “creative listening.” That looks different for each of us. It might be a meditation for you, being in Nature, or simply stroking a pet. Whatever it is: Listen calmly.

After yesterday’s post about being overwhelmed, I went out into Nature with my granddaughter.

Head Off Your Problems

Never one to write about anything that was not my experience, this is as much for me as it is for you.

Every problem is a gift – without problems we would not grow. Anthony Robbins

The health challenges at the time when Grande’s song was on my playlist passed. The result of the breast examinations and test was that there was nothing to worry about. One less problem off my list.

How many problems are on your list at this time? 99? Try out the strategies and see whether you can head off at least one. Do let us know how that goes for you. Leave a comment below or on one of our social media profiles. We are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Please like, share, follow, subscribe and retweet our posts.

One young lady that we know and are supporting is now flourishing after heading off and learning from her many problems. Alissa McLeod even wrote about it. Do get your copy of her book as she has some valuable guides for you as well. Our followers are currently getting this book at a discount!when

Have a great day and head off some of those 99 problems today!


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