Saturday: It Maybe Today Or Never To Hit The Play

Saturday, another 24 hours have passed and here we are.

News broke this morning that Chadwick Boseman, the lead in the life-changing, self-esteem building blockbuster “Black Panther” had died. The part that got to me, being one not to really follow up with celebrity news – whether about their lives or their deaths – was that he did “Black Panther” and other movies AFTER being diagnosed with cancer.

Many months ago, fans had expressed concern about his health after seeing a video of his. Little did they know.

What courage and selflessness. What motivation to live every ounce of one’s life until the very end!

Another Bad News Saturday

What lesson is there in Chadwick’s approach, the way he kept the details of his illness within his inner circle?

Saturday has become one of those days for me that is not necessarily welcomed. Since July 4, 2020, the day that news was delivered to me via a Whatsapp call that my husband was murdered, I live in dread. Almost eight weeks later and still, as soon my eyes open, my thought first goes to, “What time is it?” I check the clock to see if it is the hour that my husband died.

This morning was no different, however, a few minutes after checking Facebook, the news of Chadwick’s passing popped up on my screen.

Glued To The Play Button

His and his family’s decision to keep the information to themselves and live each day he had left to the fullest – that is the greatest lesson.

That is what I am going to do as of today. It is what you ought to consider doing. Let us call this Saturday “Keep Your Finger Glued To That Play Button Day.”

This was a choice that I made a few years ago. My husband’s murder moved my finger to pause.

Wrote about hitting the play button on one’s life about five years ago. Then, some aspects of my life were coming into focus. The past was rapidly fading and I was diving deep into what Jay Asher wrote in his book, “The Thirteen Reasons Why:”

“You can’t stop the future
You can’t rewind the past
The only way to learn the secret
…is to press play.”

Maybe This Saturday Or Never

When it comes to keeping your finger on the play button, there are a few things that you have to incorporate into your understanding.

  • Not caring too much what other people think about you.
  • Live life on your terms and set your own pace, tastes and agenda.
  • No one, no matter how important they think they are, ought to have the right to dictate what you should or should not do.
  • Drama, complications and other people’s business should not interest or engage your attention.
  • Love hard, deeply, wastefully and easily but can walk away from anyone or anything in like manner.

My husband’s untimely death and now Chadwick’s heroism to death remind me that these are the principles of my living. Once again, my eyes are going back steadfastly on my path and off the clock. My feet faltered with the news of my husband’s murder, however, I am not going to waste any time berating myself. And neither should you.

The Best Days Of Our Lives

Experience has taught me that the best days of life are the ones that are not paused for anything or anyone. Here is something else that I have also learned.

Others will almost always try to pause, rewind or stop you and this is an easy sequence for them. They are not necessarily malicious nor are their intentions outright evil.

The key to happiness is pressing the play button on your life AND allowing others to do the same in their lives. Should we both choose the same “song,” then we will dance for as long as it plays. When it is done, it is done.

You get to choose. If you choose to be paused, rewound or stopped by opinionated people and detractors, you will be as a hamster spinning its wheels. You will get nowhere.

Chadwick Boseman chose to hit that button until it could be hit no more! Wakanda Forever!

Hit play and live your life! Move at the pace and the direction of your heart’s calling. You might see me on the dance-floor! While you are there, check out our social media profiles – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube – as we share content there all day, every day. Do Like, Follow and Subscribe to each.

Peace and Love,


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