Now Is The Time To Move On Your Startup Business Idea

Now. It is now or never. Read a book some long time ago entitled “If Not Now When?”

Spent the last two days with a friend, helping him out a bit and he kept chirping along about the business he was going to set up. This was not the first time he and I have had this conversation. For the four or so years since we have met, he always talks about his business idea.

He just needs to pay off some debt, save some more money, buy a house and then, after all of that is done, he will start this business that he plans verbally every day.

Then Came COVID-19

The pandemic sent most people in Edmonton, Alberta home, except for essential workers. My friend is one who has been at home full time, basically, since April 2020. Unlike many, he used the time to put some legs on his plans.

Some might think it crazy to be planning a startup business during a pandemic when no one can predict what is coming next. As I listened to him today for a second day, it was clear that he is seeing an opportunity, a light not at the end but as we go through this tunnel.

So, I decided to do the research. A quick one, really a stroll across the web to see what the experts have to say about starting a business during a pandemic.

Everything You Need To Know About Starting A Business Now

Somewhat long but that is the title, a shortened one in fact, of one of the articles that I will guide you to.

Contrary to what many say, myself included at first, this now might just be the best time to followup on that startup idea.

Susie Moore, author, business coach, and creator of Side Hustle Made Simple, believes there’s never been an easier or better time to start a business. ‘This pause that our universe is having at the moment is making us consider what we really want in the future. Most of us want independence and the freedom and perks that come with owning a business’, she says.

In her article in the Business Idea, she offered some things to consider:

  1. Leveraging any skills or knowledge you already have. Go further and check if anyone else is doing what you are good at. If someone has that would be good. It means, she says, “people are already spending in this area. You don’t want to create something brand new where you need to educate a whole marketplace. You want to release something that people already understand and something they’re already spending money on.”
  2. Checking your list – “have a clear idea of what you want your business to be, write out a plan, think through financing, decide on a structure, make a marketing plan, and do your research on the industry you are breaking into.”
  3. Starting a business that can have a virtual component – or one that is an online business, selling products and/or services.
  4. Ways to develop and grow your audience and be proactive about it.

All this time that we have had on our hands and might very well continue to have – these tips are useful to go over. Read the full article here and follow the steps and stop the delaying. It is also why we have a screening process when it comes to receiving Requests for Support.

Starting A Small Business In The Time Of COVID-19

That is the title of another article that came up through my search.

Starting a business at any time is intimidating, so why is Martin so eager to go ahead now, when there is so much uncertainty?

A reasonable question about a young entrepreneur who got the support of Futurpreneur Canada. This is a Canadian “non-profit organization that provides financing, mentoring and support tools to aspiring business owners aged 18-39.”

Martin’s response to the question of why he started a business during a pandemic:

Im doing my best to take advantage of this situation by focusing on the marketing strategy for my business. working on my branding and building out my social media presence’, he says. ‘I’ve done a lot of research on the importance of having a social media presence and the credibility it can establish.”

There it is again, a key component to any business, startup or otherwise, at this time is that online, social media presence. You simply cannot forego that.

Now, Start Now

One of the most interesting and informative articles was this one that gave some startups that you could do from home. This is how Jungleworks makes the case:

As this global economic crisis continues, it is expected that businesses will not return to normal for a long time. Even consumer behaviour will take a new turn. Hesitation among consumers to go out and shop will be visibly seen, impacting the overall seller-buyer conventional journey.

So what are some of these ideas? Here are a few:

  1. Launch your online consultancy business
  2. Start your online tutoring classes
  3. Start your freelancer career
  4. Pick a sales and marketing job
  5. Own a hyperlocal delivery business
  6. Launch a freelancer marketplace

Check out the full article, the links above and do your own research, just as my friend has and continues to do. This might just be the time that you stop delaying and seize the moment.

Pop on over to our social media profiles – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – as we regularly update resources and other tips that can help you. Drop a comment below as well and let us know how you are planning your empire.

Peace and Love,


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