Root, source, cause or evil itself? Which is it?

Money is only the root of all evil when it gets in the wrong hand.” ― Edmond Mbiaka

That is one opinion. What is yours?

Root Or Love?

“For the love of money is the root of all evil,” the Scriptures say but many have read and preached it differently. Some might say it is the rich who long ago convinced the wannabe rich that “money is the root of all evil” because they did not want to share. Hmm?

Those who do believe that money, by itself, has no power the latter quote – “money is the root of all evil” is not something they take on. Money for them is simply a means for exchange. Since the barter system was replaced by the exchange of money for good and services, coins and then paper gained prominence.

In that respect, Mbiaka’s quote above makes sense. Money became an instrument of evil-doers. They rob, steal, maim and even murder because of their desire and love of money. The accumulation of money has become the goal of life for such people.

We All Want Money

Read this article and learn more about “When Money Became The Measure Of Everything.” The ending is what stood out to me. What the evolution of our economic system has come to.

By making capital accumulation synonymous with progress, money-based metrics have turned human betterment into a secondary concern. By the early 21st century, American society’s top priority became its bottom line, net worth became synonymous with self-worth, and a billionaire businessman who repeatedly pointed to his own wealth as proof of his fitness for office was elected president.

Money and having a lot of it has become more important than decency, respect for one another, kindness and justice.

In my own recent experience, I have seen where for the sake of or driven by the love of money, people will go to any lengths to grab it. Money has become synonymous with life. People are no longer living honourably but they are accumulating to claim honourableness.

Is A Shift Possible?

Not one to pine for “the good old days” as I know no period of time was good for everyone living in it. However, is it possible for us to experience a time when money no longer measures a person’s worth?

If this pandemic has taught us nothing, it most certainly has underscored who in our societies are the essential ones. It was most definitely not the celebrities and millionaires. Sadly, it was not the leaders of many countries.

The essential ones among us are the ones we most often pay the least.

How can we shift?

The financial systems of our world are not fair, plain and simple. “Rich people” own the banks and set the terms to make the highest profits. We borrow from them at our own risk and possibly financial peril.

A rapidly expanding group of paradigm-shifters are expounding the need for a more life-giving financial system. Until that thought develops into more banks that offer terms truly supportive of their clients’ growth, we can and must make personal financial choices that radically change our relationship with money.

Cutting The Root

If the love of money is the root of all evil, we have to cut it out from the root. Further, it is an individual effort and if enough of us chop, we will become part of that expanding group of paradigm-shifters.

Here are my suggestions for doing the ‘chop’:

  1. Check your beliefs, understanding and how you relate and handle money.
  2. Boldly take responsibility for where you are financially and stop blaming yourself, the world, the government, the barking dogs for your situation.
  3. Make a plan that is within your current means. Cut and shave what is pushing you over the edge and into unnecessary debt. If you have not and cannot frequently use it – sell it or stop buying it.
  4. Remember, you are not a bank so do not lend money that you cannot afford not to get back.
  5. Dream a new dream for your life. Identify your passion, visualize yourself living the life you always wanted and write out a “backward plan” of how to get there.
  6. Get the advice and engage the services of not just a reputable financial advisor but one who shares your personal and optimistic view that “the best is yet to come.”
  7.  Ignore anything and anyone who tries to distract you from your financial goals and focus.

Will these suggestions make you rich? Not necessarily but they will put you on the path to wealth. Do you understand the difference? No? Read this article if you do not. Watch this short video as well.

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