Back To Basics: Stow These 4 Tips For The Trip

Back to basics. That is what we are doing today. No, not asking or suggesting that you give up the washing machine, microwave or any of your modern-day amenities and take to the hills.

You, Will, Be Glad You Went Back

The basics that we are on about today are some fundamental principles that you pick up as you walk this journey called Life.

Sharing four such principles with you in this short post. These are things people advised and I either did not listen initially or I bumped into them on my way up from falling flat on my face.

Going Back To Basics

Spitting dust out of my mouth I learned:

  1. What is, is alright
  2. Wipe the sweat and keep going
  3. Stop touching the hot stove
  4. It is really all about Me

In short, what is staring you in the face is here and you cannot change that again. So, deal with it. Do not throw in the towel. Wipe the sweat (or the tears) with it and keep going – in a new direction, a more intentional one.

The Most Challenging Lesson

There was one principle that was very hard to learn and understand. It was to keep my hands off the proverbial stove. For the life of me, I kept putting it back; checking I guess whether it was really hot! Whether it was the men I chose to be in relationship with, the way I allowed some people to treat me or the financial decisions that I made – I kept getting burned!

Only in my 40’s did I get it!

  • If it burns me once there is no value in putting my hand back on that stove.
  • He slaps me once, why wait around for him to knock my teeth out?
  • If my so-called girlfriend is always too busy when I call to do anything, why call her again?

Finally, I got it that the trajectory of my life, my happiness with it and my sense of ownership of it begins and ends with me!

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At This Point In My Life

Tracy Chapman has a song that I listen to quite often.

It has been a favourite of mine since back in the day. With the death of my husband and reevaluating my journey, it is back on top of my playlist.

This song speaks to me in a very profound way. Life, as she sings, is for living as if only Love matters. I would add self-love first and foremost as these four principles are grounded in an understanding that you love You!

Wherever you are now emotionally, whether single or hitched, spend some time going over these Four Life Basics and share with us how you are living them. You can do so by leaving a comment below. Also, you can follow, like and/or subscribe to our social media profiles – Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Please, continue to have a great day and an even better week!

Peace and Love,



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