September Round-Up At Daughters Of Sheba Foundation

September has come and gone but for some time stood still, kinda, as COVID-19 continues to plague us.

September Ended And Some Are Waiting

Like so many people, COVID-19 might have caught up with me. Not sure, expecting to get my test result any day now. Have been under the weather for almost 10 days but given that my health was compromised long before this pandemic, wrote off my ill-feelings to that. However, as my temperature fluctuated and tiredness would not leave me, called the assessment line and went in for a test the following morning.

Whatever the outcome, the work here at Daughters of Sheba Foundation continues. As we did last month and promise to do every month, this is a summary of our work for September.

Accountability Report In Video

Round-Up In Detail

septemberWe wrapped up the one-month promotion for our first Author-Client, Alissa McLeod. According to the report from her, several of you bought, “From The Inside Out,” at the discounted price.

It would be amazing if you would continue to support Alissa and share the information about her book. Here is the link.

The book costs only C$10.00 and is one of those that every woman and teenage girl should read. We highly recommend it!

About Those Chickens

clientAnother success, in our estimation, is Hyacinth Brown. She was also mentioned last month when we shared her desire to start a micro-chicken farm. Due to supply and demand issues in her area of Jamaica, procuring the baby chickens posed a challenge but we finally did!

With the help of a private donor, J$10,000 was paid to Carib-Agro Distributors Limited and Hyacinth will be collecting 25 chickens and feed shortly.

We will update at the end of November how her project is going as by then her chickens should be almost ready to go to market.

Student Data Grant Campaign

“We are greatly appreciative of this initiative. We are hereby confirming our participation as we are certain our selected students will benefit significantly from this act of kindness.”

Those are the words we received from the Principal of Gibraltar All-Age School, located in St. Ann, Jamaica. She was responding to our formal invitation to be the recipient school for this Student Data Grant Initiative.

By September 16, we reached the halfway mark of our goal of C$1,000. Schools are scheduled to reopen on October 7, 2020, on the island and we will be able to support at least four students what you have donated.

One Special Child

septemberHis mother is a fan of our Facebook page and has interacted with me privately. In one of those conversations, she mentioned her son having schoolwork and that she reserves her data for that. By the end of the conversation, Daughters of Sheba committed to including little Adam to the Students Data Grant, after seeing his homework that his mother diligently sends by Whatsapp to his teacher.

Today, October 1, 2020, we paid J$1,562.00 for 30-days data from Flow for Adam to be able to continue his education from home during this pandemic.

Other Activities

Christmas is coming up and so too is our Inaugural Online Auction! We began rolling out the plans and donated items that will be on sale.

septemberThe Auction will open on November 1, 2020, and close on November 15. More details about this event are on our Facebook Event Page. Please mark the date and get ready to send in your bids.

Daily posts providing COVID-19 updates are posted to our social media profiles. We now have a growing YouTube channel. Would you mind going over and subscribe? Our plans are to beef up our presentations on that channel by the end of the year. We are on Facebook, as you know, as well as on Instagram and Twitter. Do visit and like, follow, tweet to us and share our posts. We greatly appreciate it.

Enjoy your weekend and October. Each month, we will do a Round-Up of our activities for the month that is ending or has ended. It is one of our ways to remain accountable to our donors and the general public so you know what we are doing and how your donations are being spent. Gloria Rose-Saunders is our Director and Treasurer and as a former banker, she keeps us in check.

Peace and Love,



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