Do You Really Want To Be That Person? The Kind That (Fill In The Blank)

“Do you really want to be that guy?” That question was made popular in Jamaica by a dancehall artist, Beenie Man. He posed the question to police officers who seemingly came to break up a Verzuz session between himself and another popular dancehall artist.

His question spread like wildfire that he subsequently made a song about it.

Do You Really?

Has anybody ever asked you that?  Do you really want to:

  • Be the one to break up the relationship?
  • Spoil the party?
  • Be the homewrecker?

More often than not the question is posed in the negative context. Are you the one who is willing to end it all or be the cause of someone else’ pain? What about those times when you are asked whether you really want to do something that they find incredulous? Was your answer immediate or did you have to stop and think about how you might be affecting the lives of others?

That night when the police officer was asked by Beenie Man, “Do you really want to be that guy?” to break up the party, he clearly answered no. Wonder what went into his decision to not follow the noise abatement act if that is what sent him there?

If You Really Want To Change, Then Yes!

The context of this conversation is not “Do you really want to break up someone’s marriage or be the person known as the party pooper.”

Our question to you is whether you really want to be the person who you were meant to be? If your answer is yes, what is holding you back?

Here is the thing – you will have to cut ties with people, places and things to be that person!

My life has changed, and I’m changing with it. – Sophie Kinsella

If you want to change your life––to become the person you know you want and need to be––you do not only need to master, cultivate and perfect it. You have to choose your life and let go of stuff. You have to be willing to lose.

Things You Have To Choose, Let Go And Loose

  1. Have you ever heard this statement: “Pride cometh before a fall?” Well, that is the first thing that you have to lose if your answer is yes, that you want to be that person. To change your life, you must lose your pride and admit what is not working. You have to humble yourself. You have to ask for help.
  2. The second thing you will have to do is to check your emotions. Talked about this a bit in our monthly Facebook Live event yesterday. We want to but we have not yet changed your life and start living the way we really want to due to our emotional crutches. Staying small, being afraid, remaining controlled and refusing to take action are all symptomatic of not wanting to lose that which is familiar, known, and dependable.
  3. You are comfortable. It is as simple as that otherwise you would start moving into the thing or place that you really want to. Leaving your comfort zone is not as simple as challenging yourself to feel a little uncomfortable now and again. Stepping into your true self means stepping out of everything known and into what might be terrifying.
  4. Do you really want to be that person? Then you are going to need to cry. A lot. You are going to lose your composure. You will be awake at the crack of dawn because a lightning rod of creativity struck and you have to write it down! Uncertainty and authenticity will need to become your friends. You will exchange the expectation that you should always be composed for the realization that you need to be honest.

And These Too Will Have To Go

No, those four are not the only ones. Once you decide that you really want to be that person, then you will have to let go of:

  • the need for revenge on those people who thought you could not, the ones who tried to dissuade you. Release them and do you.
  • wanting recognition. The only person who needs to recognise you is the you that is waiting for you for all this time.

Essentially, you have to release all those old images of yourself, particularly the ones imposed and imprinted on your outer layers but your heart always rejected.

You do not owe anything to your past self. You only owe it to yourself now to become who you most essentially are.

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Start being that person!

Peace and Love,



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