Managerial Courage: 5 Tips From The Courage To Act And Sea Snakes

Managerial and Presidential – two words that seem more and more open to interpretation these days.

What makes a person leading a team, small business, a large corporation or even a country managerial? According to my research, an integral part of that is courage.

Managerial Courage – Does That Mean?

managerialThese days, any and everyone can call themselves a manager. In fact, many do. In my experience here in Canada, working across at least three industries it shocked me the calibre of people who says they are managers.

Not one to think that you need an MBA before you can call yourself or hold the position of a manager. However, to be managerial (or presidential) there are fundamental characteristics that come with it.

As President of the Daughters of Sheba Foundation, it is my responsibility to set the tone for the organization. My fellow Directors are highly qualified women and all have excelled in their fields of professional engagement. You, however, will find as a business owner/operator that the health and growth of your “shop” will largely depend on how you lead it. And here is what is at the crux of it:

If there is one quality that distinguishes great leaders, respected team managers, or even high-potential employees, it is undoubtedly courage. – Management Nuggets

Managerial Courage is taught in courses across the world. This is how one such course description defines it:

“Tactfully dispenses direct and actionable feedback; is open and direct with others without being intimidating; deals head-on with people problems and prickly situations.”

What About The Sea Snakes?

If you are planning to start a business, a side gig or already managing one, as we have been encouraging you since day one, you need to do your research.

Well, in doing my research on this topic of managerial courage, an article in Forbes magazine caught my attention. It points us to the courage of sea snakes and how their courage might inform those who are managers and leaders of companies.

In the Pacific Ocean near the island nation of Niue, I had a chance to snorkel and dive with sea snakes. Snakes are bad enough, but these sea snakes are one of the most venomous species on the planet. One bite and you’re dead in 10 seconds.

But sea snakes hardly ever bite. In fact, they are more docile than your Dachshund. They are also very curious. They will swim around you, winding in the water around your body, butting your snorkel mask, checking you out. Step on one, even accidentally, and you’re dead. Pull one’s tail, and it will be the last thing you do.

Start reading this article and, like me you might be fooled into thinking it was mostly about how courageous sea snakes are generally speaking. However, the author, like a few others including the one of “The Courage To Act,” was more describing the courage that we need to get into the waters (business).

The Courage To Manage

managerialBy all indications, the featuring characteristics and abilities of a courageous manager are few but fundamental. Here are some, as detailed in the book noted above.

  1. The courage to face the truth and express it
  2. Courage to rely on others
  3. The courage to make decisions in risky or uncertain times
  4. Work outside of your comfort zone requires courage
  5. Courage to impose rigorous standards

You can read more about all five here and please share your thoughts with us in our comment section below. The Forbes author, Sandi Leyva, wrote:

Rarely in our business lives is fear as blatantly labeled as is a danger like sea snakes. We experience feelings of fear, or at least discomfort, at work every day: avoiding a tough conversation, refusing to delegate work because you can do it faster yourself, missing an opportunity to praise a subordinate because you just don’t want to put yourself out there.

managerialAs in many if not most aspects of life, particularly in a work environment whether as the “boss” or an employee, fear holds us back. Success, however you measure it, will be ours only when we are able to manage our fears. Turn it upside down and instead exhibit a high level of managerial courage.

Read the recommended articles and search out for others. Do visit our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter profiles and let us know how that is working out for you. Until next week Wednesday when we post another business-ownership tip, stay safe and healthy and courageous!

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