Doubt: You Are Served Notice To Cease And Desist

Doubt is the foundation that worry and anxiety comfortably sit on. Stealing your joy is what it does. It consumes your thoughts and casts a thick dark cloud over the promises of the Source of all things.

Doubt Will Show Up

With the rising of doubt, hopes that we hold will begin to seem impossible. Our experiences will not line up with those hopes. Seeds of doubt are sewn and our faith rattled.

My brother was accepted into Medical School when I was in the 3rd Form of High School. While that joyous moment was happening, my mother was diagnosed with cancer.

Suddenly, all the tears of joy and our glee turned into sorrow. Why? Doubt crept in.

The dreams were shattered at least to us children. In that instance, all of us children thought that my brother would have to postpone going to University. His dream of becoming a doctor was gone or at least long delayed. As the eldest among us, he would have to get a job to help care for our mother. Doubt crippled our, the children’s, faith.

You Cancel It

“Our doubts are traitors,
and make us lose the good we oft might win,
by fearing to attempt.”― William Shakespeare

Returning from the doctor, my mother gathered us to discuss the situation. We all thought the plans would change. However, my mother quickly reminded us that she served a Faithful God.

My now late mother reminded us to step out in faith and fight our doubts. Honestly, even with her words, we could not clearly see how we were going to rise or jump over the hurdles.

Fast forward 30+ years. Yes, she is no longer with us but just look at us now.

Do not allow doubt to cast rain clouds over your faith. Every time Mr Doubt tells you that something you are believing does not seem like it is going to work out, be ready to respond to him with Faith.

Serve Doubt Notice

Here is the thing. Through your belief and trusting mechanisms, just know that there is a promise that you will prosper. Have we not being told that we will lend and not borrow? A way will be made in the desert. Your cup will overflow.

Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.” ― Suzy Kassem

He is still in the “parting of the red sea” business.  He says he will never leave nor forsake you.

Serve notice on your doubt. Let your faith ROAR! Your faith must be so loud that doubt and fear have to find some other doubting hub. The doubt train has to leave your station.

Walk by faith and not by sight! All will be well!

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Bless Up!


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