Seeds Sowing Are Not Just For Farmers. You Sow Them Every Day!


“Seeds only rise when you bury them.” ― Matshona Dhliwayo

Sowing seeds in the wrong places can be an exercise in futility.

You Have To Sow Seeds In Season

Know when it is planting season. Get a Farmer’s Almanac if necessary and follow the rules.

Time and history have taught us that there were generations of sowers before us. Their experiences have been documented.  Even with significant advancements in technology nothing erases those experiences. The lessons remain with us forever.

We too are planters of seeds. One thing we all learn or must learn is that planting seeds, our seedlings in the wrong season will yield no harvest.

Obviously, the word “seeds” is being used here metaphorically. What I am referring to really are our efforts. Like actual seeds, planting or putting in our efforts in the wrong places are guaranteed to reap undesirable results. As farmers, we must choose wisely where we focus our time and energy.

Unless they are cacti, planting seeds of flowering plants in the sand will not bloom the way you expected. Same is true with happiness, peace and fulfilment. You have to know where you are placing your efforts.

Choices Have Consequences

Choose carefully where you plant or fish for that matter. In the case of fishing, some waters are flat out stagnant. There is no fish to be caught there. Your net will only catch shrub and morass.

Do not stay by the manmade pungent pond, where you know if you even catch any fish, they will definitely be poisonous.

Take your energy and efforts elsewhere. Move on to a place where your efforts can reap healthy rewards.

seedsUnfavourable Soil

  • That toxic work environment that burns you out to nothing, leaving you feeling drained and mentally battered.
  • That toxic friendship that is one way, you giving and giving and never receiving.

These circumstances that “tire your joy” must be avoided.

Wherever your unprofitable investment is, there comes a time when you must wise up and pull out or you might lose everything.

Do not allow fear of the unknown to cause you to be content with who or what you think you know. If you stone fruitless trees, no fruit will fall. That effort is akin to a
“dog barking at a flying bird.”

Buy An Almanac And Plant Wisely

Okay, so you are not a farmer so an Almanac is not for you. However, we all have something that guides us. Use it. Listen to it. Plant wisely.

My wish for you today is the boldness to make bold decisions.  As well, I hope that you have the courage to stop trying to change things you have no control over. Instead, change yourself, check your seeds and plant where you will a healthy harvest.

Put on your Will to have a new mindset, a new vision and the drive to make suppressed dreams and goals a reality. As you go through the day, be serene enough to accept the things you cannot change and wisdom to know the difference.


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