Small Acts Of Kindness: Never Be Afraid To Do Or Embrace Them

Small or random, embrace every act of kindness afforded to you. It is as simple as that. We all have big situations occurring and would love to have a grand gesture from someone in our lives, even a stranger. As we busily gaze for that, we miss the small acts of kindness people do for us.

It is to our own detriment that we underestimate the might of small and simple things.” Richelle E. Goodrich

Winning Big

For the longest while, I religiously bought lottery tickets. It was the only form of gambling I participated in. However, even this never yielded me more than $20 each time I won.

Although it has been a while, from time to time I still purchase a lottery ticket. The notepad that holds my plans for my big win, however, has long been discarded. Who would get what was carefully written down? I had telephone numbers for lawyers, investment consultants, accountants and all other types of advisors a multi-millionaire would need.

I am a planner. Check my phone, my laptop, the numerous journals by my bed and you will find detailed plans. Big ones and small ones. Plans for my life, dinner, trips, etc. Anything that comes to mind – I write out a plan of execution.

Small Acts By Angels

Then, it finally sunk. Through the last rough and rocky road that Life took me down, I realized that no plan that I could possibly write would match what The Universe has for me.

Many years ago, one of my big plans took me to a place where big promises were broken, my life turned upside down and I was left virtually homeless. Not sure what next but recognizing that all my planning had come to nought and it was time to take my hands off the wheel, I surrendered.

smallThat was when angels started appearing. They came doing small things that made a significant difference to my day, a moment or how things unfolded.

  • A place to stay open up and the landlord decided to give me a break and not take two months deposit. He also turned around and drove me through the neighbourhood showing me the bus routes upon hearing that I had no car.
  • A coworker took a liking to me and would give me a ride, whenever she had her boyfriend’s car, to the bus stop after work when it was below -10C or raining.
  • Dinner invitations came from people I barely knew. Coffee brought to me when I did not ask for any but really needed one. Surprise outings when I was alone and lonely for the holidays.

Never Discount Those Small Acts

Blessings, so many blessings and too numerous to count will pour when you stop planning for the big things, the big win, and the big love.

Oftentimes, we discount small acts of kindness. We write them off as “just this” or “just that.” Yet, my experience continually teaches me that those small acts are the greatest expressions of Love.

Remember the story of the women in the Scriptures who gave their last and smallest gift of oil or food? The small act done with great love changed lives and possibly the trajectory of the recipient’s lives.

Four That You Can Do

What small act are you doing? Are you:

  • Keeping your words?
  • Smiling with strangers?
  • Being thoughtful to those who can do nothing for you?
  • Sharing your story to help someone know that they are not alone?

These are only four of the acts that we can all do without winning the lottery jackpot. Why not try a couple of them today and change not only someone else’s life but your own.

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Peace and Love,


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