COVID-19 Is Not A Hoax: Mask Up And Protect Our Children’s Health

COVID-19 is not a joke and neither is it a hoax.

In Canada, to date just under 10,000 people have died from this virus. Where I live, Alberta, almost 300 people have succumbed to COVID-19.

Learn Fast, Read The Signs

During my pregnancy with my second and only surviving child, the doctor diagnosed me with gestational diabetes.  The doctor warned me that in many cases this would later turn into full-blown diabetes. As both my parents suffered from the diseases, in fact, my father died from complications of diabetes, my becoming a diabetic was even more certain.

Being young, carefree and feeling invincible, the warnings were lost on me. For over five years, I ate whatever my heart desired and heeded none of the dietary suggestions. That was until one day when I peed outdoors. Immediately after the spot was covered by ants. Sugar, as we call it in Jamaica.

Almost 30 years now diabetes has wreak havoc on my existence. For many of these years, I have swung from denial to partially toeing the line. I continued eating whatever I want, whenever I wanted.

Years ago, one specialist marvelled that I was still alive when my blood test result came back with a reading of 17 mmol/L. Normal is 7.8 mmol/L.

COVID-19 Is Serious

There is much talk about whether COVID-19 is a hoax. Theories abound that governments are using it to control their populations. There is a myriad of conspiracies. Quite honestly, without using the same language, that is exactly how I felt when doctors warned me about diabetes. My thought was they were trying to spook me with the complications that could follow.

Everyone is entitled to his/her belief. Personally, I do not dwell on sickness. Bemoaning my or anyone’s illness or hold pity parties, as I refer to such sessions, is not my thing.

Frankly, the only persons’ illness that would cause me to rush to the hospital and sit for hours are my granddaughters’. Thankfully, the younger one is fairly healthy (knock wood) and that has not happened. The older is asthmatic. She came to us prematurely. As with many such babies, her lungs were not fully developed so asthma is a lingering condition.

Right To One’s Opinion But Be Responsible

A few days ago now, an internationally famous (some might say infamous) Jamaican DJ posted on social media his pointed view about COVID-19 and mask-wearing. As I watched it, my blood boiled! Images of my asthmatic granddaughter, the love of my life, flashed before my eyes.

What irresponsibility! Such recklessness for someone with a platform. He was promoting recklessness and wanton disregard for his fellow citizens!!!

covid-19No One Is Taking Away Your Right

Absolutely you have a right to die. As this musician said in his rant, “We all are going to die.” However, given the option, it does not have to be a painful death.

The sad reality is that many will not necessarily die from COVID-19.  Again here in Canada, out of the 208,000 people who contracted the virus so far, 175,000 have recovered. Among those recovered, only time will tell how many will suffer debilitating long term effects. They are called “long haulers.”

Published studies (see here and here) and surveys conducted by patient groups indicate that 50% to 80% of patients continue to have bothersome symptoms three months after the onset of COVID-19 — even after tests no longer detect the virus in their body.

Long-haulers include two groups of people affected by the virus:

  • Those who experience some permanent damage to their lungs, heart, kidneys, or brain that may affect their ability to function.
  • Those who continue to experience debilitating symptoms despite no detectable damage to these organs.

Can you just imagine your reasonably healthy child, parent, partner, friend, grandparent contract COVID-19, recovers from it but turns out to be a long hauler?

Many Cannot Afford The Bills

For a Jamaican artist of that stature to promote not wearing mask and conspiracy theories about COVID-19 is heartless!

Why do I say that? Well, many Jamaicans cannot afford the cost of medication for a headache! How would an average, working Jamaican family survive the medical expense of hospitalization due to this virus? Where would the government of the country find the funds to support the citizens, as Canada is doing, through this public health crisis??

Tears come to my eyes when I think about any of my granddaughters contracting this disease.

Yes, everyone will die and honestly, I am ready to go whenever the time comes. But, please mask up for the sake of my and your granddaughters and your children everywhere! Please, pay no attention to COVIDIOTS!

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Please, mask up.

Peace and Love,


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