October To Remember: How We Did At Daughters Of Sheba Foundation

October is almost over and what a month it was. There is much love in my heart for this passing month. The leaves changing colours is one reason. “A riot of colour” is how it has been described. My love for the month also has a lot to do with the fact that my only surviving child was born in October.

The Month Of October At DOSF

octoberIt was also the full second month of Daughters of Sheba being a registered Canadian nonprofit organization. We are so proud of ourselves and what we have managed to accomplish so far.

As with every individual or organisation, you move forward on some things or in some areas; move backwards on others and stand still on several. That was true of us as well but even when things paused or ended, we understand what the bigger purpose is and so we trudge along.

Due to differences in approach, style and time commitment, we, unfortunately, have parted ways with one of our Directors. Mrs Beverly Sukie-Martin decided that she could no longer move forward with us. We thank her for her contribution to each of us individually and to the organisation as a whole and wish her all the best with her future endeavours.

Round-Up Details

Inaugural Christmas Auction

Quite frankly, much of our attention was focussed on putting together our Christmas Auction. This opens on Sunday, November 1, 2020, and closes at midnight November 15, 2020.  Previous posts have detailed information about the wonderful women who donated their art, craft, jewellery, products and services that we will have up for bidding. Check them out here. Be sure to check our Facebook page as well as our Instagram profile as of November 1, 2020, to see the items and email your bids to daughtersofsheba@gmail.com

Hyacinth Brown – Micro-Chicken Farming Project

Regular readers will recognise this client’s name and the work we have been doing with her. Happy to report that Hyacinth collected the chickens and feed that our generous donor paid for to get her started. It has been two weeks since her micro-farm is up and running. If you have Instagram, you can check out the video update that she sent to us here.

Student Data Grant Initiative

This initiative turned out to be more far-reaching than we initially imagined. Believe we shared before that instead of helping only three (3) children, we in fact are paying for data for eight (8) PLUS their siblings who will have access to the internet through hub spots. The donations that we have received so far is therefore helping closer to 21 children in total. This campaign ends in December and has as its goal C$1,000. At the time of writing this, we have either collected or have donations promised in the amount of C$851. Only $149 and these children will be guaranteed support until the end of December 2020 when the initiative ends.


Other Activities

We continue to receive Requests for Support that require responses to and unfortunately, we had to decline quite a few. This was so as persons are not carefully reading the criteria for us to consider supporting their request. Might we suggest that if you or anyone you know is interested, please read the information carefully here before completing and submitting the form? We cannot help everyone but we do try to help at least one. To be that one, we ask that the person requesting support to meet our requirements.

A couple of mothers did reach out to us for help with school supplies for their children returning to school. However, as we always say, we do not send cash to anyone. We asked for book lists and then approached our network for support. One mother was assisted with a couple of books.

octoberAs we have been doing, we continued to do daily posts providing COVID-19 updates to our social media profiles. We now have a growing YouTube channel. Would you mind going over and subscribe? Our plans are to beef up our presentations on that channel next year. We are on Facebook, as you know, as well as on Instagram and Twitter. Do visit and like, follow, tweet to us and share our posts. We greatly appreciate it.

Enjoy your weekend and the final day of October! Each month, we will do a Round-Up of our activities for the month that is ending or has ended. It is one of our ways to remain accountable to our donors and the general public so you know what we are doing and how your donations are being spent. Gloria Rose-Saunders is our Director and Treasurer and as a former banker, she keeps us in check.

Peace and Love,



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