Throw Out The Old And Make Room For The New

“Throw away thy rod, throw away thy wrath; O my God, take the gentle path.” ― George Herbert

Throwing out old things is sometimes very hard to do. This is because as human beings, we tend to become emotionally attached. However, to make room for the new, we must be willing to let go of some old things.

Throw Away We Must

throwA friend of mine is embarking on a new path in her life. She bought a new home and is decorating it with new furnishings, including wall hangings that depict her new path or journey.  Even having lived in a fully functional and furnished home before, she made a conscious and deliberate decision to start new and afresh.

Like my friend, if we do not throw out the old, we will be like emotional and physical hoarders. Our lives become cluttered and we soon start falling over things that need to go.  The same is true about our minds. Things will happen to us that will cause us to be angry and upset. If we are not careful, anger and bitterness set in. We must be mindful not to allow the clutter to grow into ’large communities’ of toxicity in our hearts and mind.

Forgive And Let Go

If we do not forgive and let go, truly emptying out the negatives; soon we will have no space to receive the gifts of the Universe.

We all admit that there is a multiplicity of emotions that we go through when we have new things in our lives.  It may be a new car, a new house (like my friend), a new relationship or a new job.

Newness evokes excitement, positivity, injects adrenaline, a fresh experience and increased energy to name a few. I remember as a child, the only time we are allowed to put our shoes close to our beds was when it was new. We were even allowed to sleep in them.  For a while, even after wearing those new shoes we would clean them after each wear and place it carefully in the shoe-box.

NEWNESS gets our undivided attention.

Our collective anxiety is currently off the charts. However, let us take the throwtime to dwell in the space where love is not beyond our reach, kindness is in our every step  and peace is on our grasp.

The ’Border Patrol Agents’ called doubt and fear block the opportunity to receive new opportunities. Let us actively declutter our hearts. It is an imperative step. We can not be bitter and upset while being truly happy. Start practicing to let go of those things that poison the heart.

Challenge yourself. Make a choice to do focussed decluttering. Anger, bitterness, jealousy, hate and all must go. When we do this, there will be space in our hearts to receive the wonderful gifts of the Universe waiting to bless us.

Newness involves forward movement. Take that step.

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