Year 2020: A Time Of Loss And Blessings For One Of Our Own

Year-end is on the horizon. Yes, it is only mid-November but already we here at Daughters of Sheba Foundation have begun to reflect on it.

The Year 2020 – One For The Memory Books

Approaching the end of every year, social media is flooded with meme and jokes about how challenging it was. It seems as if everyone who on January 1 claimed the particular year to be theirs wants a refund.

simplePersonally, for almost two decades now, my tradition has been to create a Vision Board, whether on paper or electronically, with images reflecting my desires for the upcoming twelve months. When diligent about it, my experience has been that the new year usually holds little surprises for me. Whatever plot twists occur, I am usually mentally and spiritually prepared to meet them.

Sunday Spirit Year In Review

Those who follow us on Facebook or Instagram know that we have a weekly event called Sunday Spirit. It is a 30-min block of time when Directors of this Foundation take a turn to share their thoughts on a topic important to her.

Discussing our plans for the remainder of this month and until the end of 2020, we agreed to do personal reflections on 2020 for our Sunday Spirit feature.  This year has been challenging for all, even for those of us with Vision Boards. No one anticipated that 2020 would see COVID-19 wreaking havoc around the world.

Our first reflection on this topic was by Gloria Rose-Saunders. How the pandemic impacted her life and that of some of her friends is at the core of her reflection.

More To Come Next Week

On Sunday, November 22, 2020, I will share my reflection on the year that is ending. The following week, Director and Secretary of our Foundation, Clara Brown, will share how the year has been for her.

reflectionDo share with us your thoughts on what Gloria had to say, as well as how the year has been for you. Comment below or you can like, follow, and interact with us on our social media profiles. We are on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Please, have a great week.

Peace and Love,




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