End Of The Month: How Did We Do During This Pandemic?

End of another month and as we did in October, this is a summary of happenings here during November.

endAlong with that, sharing another in our three-part series of personal reflections on 2020. On November 22, Claudette shared on our social media profiles what was brought into sharp focus for her. More on that below. 👇

End of November

First, here is our regular monthly Accountability Report – the third month of our operating as a Canadian nonprofit.

Social Media

We began the month in our usual way with daily posts to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Our social media presence and the following are ticking up, slowly but surely. On this point, would you mind heading on over to these profiles or at least one, and give us a Like and a Follow? We would greatly appreciate that.

Christmas Auction

Our auction opened on November 1, 2020, on Facebook. As we shared during October, we received donated items from five ladies. One donor, unfortunately, missed the deadline. The auction did not produce the results that we had hoped. To that end, what we decided to do is to move forward the opening of a Daughters of Sheba Foundation Shop and put up some of these items for sale.

burgundyDOS Shop

The Shop opened towards the end of November. For now, the inventory is minimal, with just a few of the donated items we received for the auction. Do visit and see whether any of the items would be nice in a Christmas bag for a family member, friend or even a co-worker.

Our Clients

Hyacinth Brown – Micro-Chicken Farmer

This was our last month with our first agricultural, micro-business client. Hyacinth maintains contact with us, sharing a bi-weekly video of how the farm is going. Her last report showed that she had slaughtered the chickens and taken them to market. She has reinvested in her business and bought a new crop to continue her farm. We are so proud of her. Watch her report here.

End of Student Data Grant Campaign

With only one month left in this initiative, we decided to close the Student Data Grant campaign. Of the C$1,000 that we targetted, we received and/or had pledged to us C$851. The first month of this initiative, we provided data to eight (8) children and their siblings had access as well. Therefore a total of 21 children were assisted. During the second month, as a couple of parents had not kept the commitment to have the device available to allow the children to participate in online sessions, we provided data for five (5) children. An approximate 16 children were supported as those with siblings accessed the service through this connection.

Other Activities

Throughout the month, we continued processing Requests for Support. Many, unfortunately, had to be denied as they did not match our criteria.

As well, the Board continued to plan and discuss in earnest our end of year activities and developing plans for 2021. One of our decisions regarding the end of year activities is to be announced today. Will share more about it in Wednesday’s blog post.

Claudette’s 2020 Pandemic Reflection

Following Gloria Rose-Saunders personal reflection on the year that is ending, I did the second part in the series.

Highlighting the long-ago-learned lessons that I had to repeat or have reinforced, the how of “living” was presented. You can watch it below, again or in case you missed it. 👇

Stay tuned for our announcement! Please follow on social media profiles – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – to keep up to date. Check out our Shop, more products are coming in the New Year.

Thank you for your continued support. Have a wonderful day and week!

Peace and Love,




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