God’s Gifts: Recognizing Them And Letting Go The Past

“God’s greatest blessing; gift of children.”― Lailah Gifty Akita

We all have things that we grapple or struggle with at some point in our lives. Things that have us asking “Why me?” or “Why not me?”

God’s Unique Gifts To Each Of Us

The truth is no matter how perfect someone’s life appears, they have their own shortcomings. They have their own weak areas. Oftentimes, these weak areas cause them to longingly look at someone else’s gifts, strengths or opportunities.

However, we are all created in the likeness of  God and each of us was uniquely made and endowed with our own special gifts. It does not mean one person receives a better gift than the other.

What is important is that we use the gift we are given. It means we are purposed in different ways. Therefore, hone your skills. Work at improving what you are given.

god's giftsEnvy Not!

Do not envy those that seem to be ’better’ gifted than you. God has a plan for you, one that was carved out with you in mind.  It may be a beautiful voice. Use it to speak or sing positivity, love, praise.

If your gift is to encourage and uplift, be intentional about doing fulfilling your purpose. Your unique gift might just be to listen, spend time with those that need a compassionate ear. Or, is it your gift to care for the poor and needy? Then start your own or support a charitable organization.

Whatever it is, treasure and use it. If you use your gifts, your purpose will be revealed.

Instead of longing for anyone else’s gift, collaborate with people that have gifts that complement yours. In that way, all your gifts will be developed, making you more impactful.

Ask yourself today, “What gifts do I have that I need to use or use more wisely and working?”

Endings And Lasts – Both Are Gifts

The year 2020 is coming to an end. Many of us experienced endings and last moments, some we recognized and others we did not.

In the Finale of our weekly Sunday Spirit series, Claudette Esterine-Campbell shared a message on such endings and last moments. Do watch and share your thoughts and comments below or on our social media profiles. We are on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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