January: The Start Of Something New Or Same Old, Same Old

January is a month of new beginnings. For many, it was hoped that the new month would bring to an end what has plagued us for most of 2020. COVID-19.

Many hope that January would miraculously bring a return to “normal” life. Well, it did not. However, many, we included here, are we being heralded into a “new” way of living?

How Was January 2021?

januaryIt was much the same as December 2020 for us here at the Daughters of Sheba Foundation.

As part of our commitment to you, each month we post this Accountability Report. This is our way, at least one way, that we remain open and accountable to donors and the public.

What We Did

This was another month that we all basically passed it again in lockdown. So, as an organization, we reached out to our friends with expertise. We asked them to help us share information by way of interviews or conversations.

We rolled out a slew of educational programmes that we call “T.I.P.S.” with several of our friends and covering topics such as:

Along with these programmes, we also launched “Daily Dose of Inspiration,” which is presented by me every morning at 5:30 a.m. (EST). In essence, Daughters of Sheba Foundation is embarking on a multichannel, multimedia production and presentation of its message. Our aim is to “uplift and support” women has truly taken on a multipronged approach.

DOS Shop

We reported before that we did a soft opening of our Shop at the end of November with a minimal inventory. It was stocked only with a few of the donated items we received for Christmas auction.

In January, we entered into a consignment agreement with one artist and have started promoting her jewellery in our Shop. We are currently in negotiations with a couple of others to do the same with them. Based on our agreement, we will receive a percentage of any item sold through our shop. Of that amount, 50-60% of those proceeds with go towards funding our first initiative of 2021. Will discuss that later on in this post.

Our Clients & Campaigns

Given the continuing experience of COVID-19, we decided to focus our attention, as a first campaign, on Jamaican children returning to school.

daughters of sheba foundationTo this end, we launched the Student Support Initiative utilizing the funds that we had carried over from 2020 and any additional fund we received for this specific campaign.

Our aim is to help with the challenges faced by some Jamaican mothers to send their children to school. The high cost of uniforms, shoes and books are major hurdles for parents. Before that, school fees are a great expense they have to get the children educated.

At the time of reporting, we have paid the school fee for one child and are awaiting confirmation of the names of two (2) children for support with school lunches. Read the latest updates on this campaign here.

Other Activities and Social Media

As we do every month, we published updates, inspiration, tips and even news to FacebookInstagram and Twitter. We continue to see our social media presence and our following tick up. As a matter of fact, would you mind heading on over to these profiles or at least one, and give us a Like and a Follow? We would greatly appreciate that.

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Thank you for your continued support. Have a wonderful rest of the week!

Peace and Love,


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