“Weary to Roaring.” That describes many if not most of us, women, in particular, today as we move through this pandemic.

Our living situations can leave us thread-worn, weary, slowly pulling out every ounce of energy from our bodies. During these points, it takes mental strength to even get up to eat. Barely moving, but pushing yourself to do the daily routine.

Slept But Still Weary

wearyResting and sleeping becomes a distant memory. Puffy eyes have become a permanent feature of your facial FEATURES.  I know this feeling very well because I have experienced it.

However, what I did not know then, was that God was not judging me for being tired or weary. My dwindled hope did not deter God from restoring my strength. His grace always met me at the place where my faith left me. I am reminded that he did say it was sufficient. All I had to do was look at him. All I needed to do was “wait patiently upon God,” putting all my expectations in him.

Have You Grown Weary?

If you have grown weary, drained by life’s battering, do not stay there.

Connect to your Lifeline, your Source of inspiration and hope. Unlike humans, your Lifeline will not criticize you when you look ragged. It does not point out the bags under your eyes or point out how tired you look.

Instead, God strengthens and restores your weakened soul. Source puts the glow back in your face and passion back in your life.

Your Channel of Love replaces your wobbly steps with PEPified movements. It still gives beauty to ashes and turns graveyards into gardens. No matter how tired you feel, reach out to your Lifeline.

Do not give up and please, do not lose faith. God is a restorer. Reconnect and stay connected to our Giver of all things good!

R– reach out to the Creator of Life
E– everything good comes from Source
A– accept Grace for its sufficient
C– cry out if you must
H– healing is within your grasp so



Clara 💕

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