Signs From Your Soul That You Need Self Care

Signs are everywhere. Road signs. Warning signs in buildings, places such as hospitals. Walking or driving around your town, you will come across them every few steps you take. They are important parts of our daily living as they point out danger spots, zones and areas. We are warned to speed up or about the curves ahead with road signs.

signsThe one place that there are no visible signs is your heart, your soul. So how do you know how to take care of it?

Observing The Signs Of The Soul

Riding the train to the downtown core of Edmonton a few years ago, I was reading one of my favourite books. It is one that has been re-read so many times. Care Of The Soul.”

Shared this book in a previous post with you. Each time that I return to it, there is a shift or about to be one in my life. The first read was the most monumental, I might say, as then observing the workings of my soul was not something I even knew was possible much less necessary.

While my memory is really good, it is not that good to recall what exactly led me to the book on the other readings. This time, however, there were some signs that brought me to Care of The Soul.

My inner being is an integral guide in my life. Assuming that you too have recognised this. It is always calling to us. However, possibly like you, I disregarded it during my early years. So, it came forcefully out front about close to two decades ago.


signsMany people will not admit having feelings or even being depressed. I was among them. That changed though after been thrown into clinical depression after a major upheaval in life. One year on anti-depressants was all that I was willing to do, along with therapy – psychological but more spiritual. One thing that has been clear to me is that you are never completely healed of depressive thoughts and feelings. What I have learned, however, is to reach out for help whether that is through prayer and meditation alone or to my spiritual mentors.

Honouring Systems As A Voice Of The Soul

In the Introduction of the book, Moore listed some of the complaints therapists today hear in sessions with clients.

There were more than this but here are six symptoms of the soul that form the voice of the soul calling out to you in everyday life:

  1. Narcissism
  2. Failure, Loss & Separation
  3. Jealousy
  4. Envy
  5. Violence
  6. Depression

Love Is The Answer

Here is the thing. Love is the answer to many of these complaints. I well know how over-used this phrase can be. “Love is the answer.” 

loveDo not dismiss this. Just as you might have been tempted to do, I have in the past. Dismissed it as one of those things people say. Frankly, that is the problem. We say it but we do not LIVE it. That is the key.

Being Love – in tune and align with it in all of our interactions and actions. More so, being in love with ourselves first so that we may be Love in the world.

What does observing the soul and love have to do with any of these symptoms? Quoting Moore,

It may be useful to consider love less as an aspect of relationship and more as an event of the soul. 

In other words, what appears to be a fully earthly relationship between …individuals is at the same time a path toward far deeper experiences of the soul.

Simple language – when we learn to love ourselves more AND first, we have begun caring and healing our souls! We often think that helping others, doing charity, is loving but it has been suggested that is more about our egos. Why not start looking in your mirror, reading the signs, as listed above, and begin to take care of your inner being.

Peace and Love,


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