Instant Gratification Or A Life That Matters: Which Do You Prefer?

A Definition

Instant gratification – what does it mean. Let us start there.

According to Positive Psychology, “Instant (or immediate) gratification is a term that refers to the temptation, and resulting tendency, to forego a future benefit in order to obtain a less rewarding but more immediate benefit.”

instantInstant Gratification Or A Life That Matters

We live in a world of excess and lack, in so many categories.  Some of us have too much to eat or not enough to eat. Some of us have no clean water, others have more than they need.  How can those of us with enough share with those who have not enough?

During these times it is vital for each of us to pay attention to what matters to us in the short term and the long term. What values, what skills what behaviour will help keep us safer, more engaged and more fulfilled?


Mastery is a topic that is often ignored in a world filled with instant gratification.  It is all about the process, the language, the skills and the people we need to know. Who and what do we need to avail ourselves in order to become better at, and in time, become more successful in the many areas of life where there are opportunities to grow.

How and with who will you gain added mastery in life? What area(s) do you want to work on? A life that includes a focus on mastery is a life that is enriched and deepened. Given our very superficial lifestyle, we can all benefit from working towards growing and gaining added mastery. It will deepen your resilience.

Also, mastery can help us feel safer. We gain a sense of control over parts of our lives that help us as uncertainty in other areas grows. Plus sharing assists us to develop and deepen our sense of passion and purpose, two keys to living a life with mastery. This can make it easier to share.

masteryWays To Add Mastery To Your Life

How and with who will you gain added mastery in life? What area(s) do you want to work on? How will mastery help free you up so you can prosper and share?

Mastery as a way of life offers many rewards. How, in what ways and with who will you develop yours? Investing in mastery pays dividends for a lifetime.

So, until next time Imagine Yourself, with more Resiliency for Life.



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