Darling, There Is No Comfort In Growth So Take A Tylenol And Fly!

Growth is a painful thing. Growth is uncomfortable. Anyone who tells you otherwise is simply lying to you.

It is that simple. And, it is the truth!

No Comfort In Growth

There is no place that we could ever be that God is not aware of. Every season is for a reason, and every reason somehow ties back to the fact that His plans for our lives are intentional.

Recently, a friend of mine remarked, “There is no comfort in growth.” I found her words so profound!

Immediately, recollections of the many occasions that the tears copiously rolled down my cheeks as I pursued one goal or another.  So many uncomfortable decisions had to be made. There were moments of literal hunger and, yes, anger as well.

Purposeful Discomfort

growthOccasions of discomfort have a purpose. For many of us, it is through those moments of discomfort that we experience the most eye-opening revelations for our paths.

Those are the very moments that we are able to discern or map a way forward. At times it is at that place we are willed to turn the page or make a fresh start.

We are often called upon to read the Valedictorary speech to close out a phase of our life. In those moments, we are standing on the cusp of a new era.

When you are in those low, hollow and dark places, listen intently. Will yourself to BE STILL. God is trying to show you or tell you something. Your hurt is not wasted. It is filled with purpose.

Take A Tylenol And Let It Pass

When you are done with that place, you will definitely know why you were there and had to stay there for however long. That job that you lost or hated, the people that rejected you and made you feel unwanted, the marriage or relationship that did not work despite you giving it your all, your DRY seasons ALL have a purpose.

growthYou were placed there for an ordained reason. Do not waste your time in the valley. It is there that your purpose is stirred up and a new vision developed.

In the valley, in times of discomfort, that is where and when you learn to trust God. In discomfort is growth. Right in that place is where your faith is tested and right there that you will see your miracles manifested.

You were picked for that place, so do not fight it, embrace it.
Be still and know!
Be still and listen!
Be still and “let go and let God.

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Clara 💕💕💕

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