Purposeful Journey: Keep Going Sister, Do Not Stop, There Are Miracles And Meaning Up Ahead

“To be relevant, you need to be purposeful” ― Sunday Adelaja

God sometimes takes us the long way so that he can teach us lessons along the way. Believe His way is the WAY!

Let us mimic the children of Israel, who learned about God’s way as they journeyed through the wilderness. In our lives, there are and will be many obstacles, but there are and will also be many miracles.

Purposeful Chapters

purposefulEach chapter of our lives is a tapestry designed for us to know and show God a little more. It is meant to enable us to grow stronger in our faith, witnessing His unending love, demonstrating the value of His Grace, and also building our character.

The people we meet and those we lose along the way are all a part of God’s orchestrated plan. One day, you will see that every step you took was purposed. So enjoy your journey, as challenging as it might seem, because this is your story. It will end well since God is Author and Finisher.

We currently live in a world in which the goal of most people is to be comfortable. In fact, a large number of us not only strive to live a life of comfort, but we also do our best to avoid discomfort. We are constantly trying to maintain our level of comfort or increase it. However, what I have learned is that one of the greatest skills a person can learn is the ability to be comfortable with discomfort.” Skilled At Life

Keep Moving

Press forward in faith, canceling out fear. We serve a “through sickness and health, for better or worst” type of God. He got you no matter what you are up against.

There is a David inside of you to fight the Goliaths along the way. There are ravens already ahead preparing to feed you, like Elijah. Be content as you go through the seemingly long battles. They are there for a reason. Something good will come from them. Just trust God. Your journey is meaningful and precious to God. There is no mistake in your discomfort and growth spurts are not comfortable.

Believe and Live!

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God bless you.

Clara 💕

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