Stress: When Is Not The Perfect Time To Murder Your Boss?

Stress. Research studies show that stress at work can kill you! Literally or could lead you to kill someone!!!

The stress may be due to the demands of the job itself but, often it resides in a troubled relationship with your boss.

Stress And I

In my case, it was evident in a strong negative, almost physical repulsion I had to my new boss.  In his presence (and even at the thought of him), I had a visceral reaction that signalled an emotional ‘dis-stress’, evident in my unusual excessive use of expletives and feeling physically troubled and frustrated.

There were times that I was brought to the point of tears (but NEVER in front of him).  I was taking many “mental health” days, as I just could not bear to face the job and him, strongly fearing I may “lose it” and commit homicide.

I have always felt that the work I do was more than just a job.  It is a vocation. Defined as “a strong feeling of suitability for a particular career or occupation” or “a divine call to God’s service or to the Christian/spiritual life.” So this stress-riddled situation was particularly unsettling for me and needed exploration (on a spiritual level) and a workable life solution (preferably, not including homicide). 

My concern was really what could account for such a strong negative reaction?  Did I need stress management intervention?

My Boss Was Took My Zeal?

My spirit just was not “taking to” him! So what could I do?

I had always prayed for God to be very clear and precise in His communications with me, as “I do not take hints” and certainly do not read “between the lines” very well.  Black-and-white communications for me!!  One of the answers to my soul-searching was that I had become complacent. I had lost my “zeal for good works” and have forgotten my own dreams!  I had ‘settled’ into the so-called “American Dream,” where one works to support consumption.

The labour of the American worker has provided all of us with the standard of living we enjoy today. It enables us to buy all the things which are considered necessary to live a happy, fulfilling life.  …if we want society to continue, we must all be prepared to make certain sacrifices and a job is one of them.  Work may be unpleasant, then, but it is absolutely essential. If people wanted to get rid of it, they would have to change everything and create a completely different kind of world.”- I Believe in Work Campaign of San Fransisco; Crowley, Dauer & Alioto

My Inner Spirit was telling me that my boss and I were not on the same spiritual path, so we should not be striving after the same things.  Materialism was not my destiny.  This reassessment and realization called for immediate review and action.  What were the forgotten dreams, the sidelined desires of my heart?

stressEscaping A Prison Sentence

In a previous life, I had let go of so many of my desires and had virtually painted myself into the proverbial corner.  This was not a path I was willing to walk down again.  I was not going to be the old woman always talking about what I could have been, what I could have done or what I always wanted to have accomplished but did not!  I was willing to “change everything and create a completely different kind of world” for me.

In that moment of decision, I escaped a life sentence. Instead of murdering my boss, I began working to realize some of my dreams in a tropical setting, although not in my first choice of paradise – Samoa!

Are you dealing with work-related stress? Have you taken any steps to eliminate stress from your life? Do you like orange?

If you have answered yes, no and no, then it is time to talk with a professional and/or a spiritual resource person for help in reducing stress in your life. We are happy to support you as best as we can. Leave a comment here or on our Facebook page. You can also follow us on Twitter or on Instagram.

Do something today as orange really is not the new black.

Dr Janice Chang

Dr Janice Chang


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