Money, Money and More Money! How Much Do You Need?

Money – tis’ the season to spend it!

As we enter the money madness season, I was reminded of this conversation I had on a podcast some time ago. Thought I would reshare today.

Money Assumptions

Is it not crazy how people make assumptions about you?

Take their assumption about you and money: how much you have or do not have; how you ‘made’ it and your willingness to spend it.

It is like walking into a store, such as the one my daughter and I went into yesterday, and the salesperson seemingly quickly sums you up. The one we had in the mattress store, to his credit, took some time to label us “stupid losers!” I was in the market for a bed and my daughter conned me yesterday about the time for her prenatal yoga class. So instead of killing the hour we had sitting in the car, we went window shopping for a bed.

Note that I said “window shopping.” I had neither the resources to purchase a bed yesterday or even today nor did I have the deposit for one.

moneyMoney In The Mattress

This store, the best mattress outlet in Canada – at least that is what their jingle basically says. I actually, sang it for the salesman.

“Sleep Country Canada, why buy a mattress anywhere else!”

I knew he was a salesman right after I finished singing as he said I sang well! Liar!

We looked around, checked firmness and narrowed down the two options that I liked. So what was the problem, why would I not buy the mattress right there and then? The salesman could not understand. It was a great deal and the clearance sale could end any minute now!

“I don’t have the money right now!”

“But it might not be here when you get back!” He insisted.

“What would you have me do?” I asked him.

His smart Aleck response was that I should deposit ten per cent to hold it.

Pressured Into Spending

That was a reasonable enough suggestion but I:

  1. still wanted to shop around
  2. did not have the ten per cent
  3. do not like being pushed into something that I am not ready to do

Status or how I look to the observer is not my issue. You can draw any conclusion about me – negative or positive – and I might not give two hoots, especially where it concerns money.

Money is not my mojo. It never has been and never will be. Sure, I love nice things, eating well, etc but being able to buy them on a whim is not my idea of “having arrived.”

What Motivates You?

My motivation is having a dream and accomplishing it, then having another dream and reaching that too. In other words, the journey is what thrills me. Arriving at a destination gives momentary pleasure then I am off to the next level of enjoyment.

Want to see me high? Then challenge me to help someone step up their game, using my own God-given talents. What you will witness is Claudette on steroids!

Of course, I purchased the bed but on my schedule. Living up to anyone’s estimation of my financial status actually pisses me off rather than inspire me. It is NOT about the money with me.

Is it with you?

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