Fire The Peanut Gallery: They Are A Distraction!

Fire them!

You read that right. Fire all the people, situations and even things from your life right now! Fire them before 2022 arrives!

fireWhat Started It?

My daughter and my then 7-month old (first) granddaughter and I travelled to Jamaica to celebrate my 50th birthday. We initially planned to leave the week before the big day, February 15, but that changed when we saw the ticket prices. Tabetha at Flight Center here in Edmonton found us excellent fares with one proviso – we have to stay longer in the sun. Reluctantly we accepted.

The real challenge that this posed was for my daughter who was moving house at the time.  She had three days to reasonably settle her family in their new home before we took off. The keys to their new place were not available until February 1. That meant she had to stay with me “in the meantime,” to avoid paying fees at the ‘old place’.

Displaced from my comfortable queen size bed to the single one in the bedroom that I set up for my granddaughter, I was up at my usual 3:00 am. My daughter joined me in the kitchen and our ensuing conversation about their new place, possibly changing her car to an SUV and our trip (and the 50th birthday party of course), eventually led to this piece.

Who Are Your Advisors? Fire Them

Telling me about the reaction and comments of a “friend” regarding her getting a new car, I asked my daughter, “Why is that woman so negative and never has anything good to say?”

By then, I had learned my lesson to not dictate or even suggest who Abi (my daughter) should be friends or associate with. She taught me the hard way the folly of such behaviour. So, I carefully asked a second question – “Did you ask her for her opinion on this purchase?”

Of course, the answer was no. Some people require no asking. They have so many opinions about other people’s affairs that it spurts and oozes from them. My experience is that these opinions often thwart the intended recipient’s dreams, desires and hopes.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with sharing your own experience – if asked and clearly stating that it is your stuff. What this particular woman was doing and what many do, is to proffer their fears, anxieties, judgments and basically their negativities without a “by your leave!

fireBuild Boundaries In 2022

As I told my daughter, I am sharing with you. We have to be mindful of who we are:

  1. Telling our business
  2. Taking advice from
  3. Letting into our personal and spiritual spaces

Boundaries, clarity about what is yours and what is theirs, and paying more attention to your inner wisdom and your dreams are key to living the life that you want – not the one that Mary, Jane or Sue is trying to live through you!

Whatever your political views, Karl Marx’s words ring true for us all:

“Surround yourself with people who make you happy. People who make you laugh, who help you when you’re in need. People who genuinely care. They are the ones worth keeping in your life. Everyone else is just passing through.”

Remember, you are the CEO of your life. Fire the advisors that are blocking the Love, laughter and light!



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