Think Success: The Definitive Guide

Think success and thrive. That’s is the movement we are embarking on this month. Reaching back to a book and teaching that has proven wealth of not only knowledge but the key to personal achievement for many.

Think Success. Use The Power of Your Mind

During my last major programme of studies, faith and reason were up for plenty of discussions. There were those of the view that faith was all we needed. Then there were those who felt the reason was more important. And, you guessed it, I was in the middle – faith AND reason are bedfellows. My spirituality and philosophy to that point were grounded in the teaching of James Allen that “As a man thinks, so is he.”

My studies had taken me to a Catholic university. Suffice it to say that my need was to understand how Christianity developed. My inner quests, while still living in Jamaica, had taken me to a particular spiritual organisation. That was where I was introduced to the work of Napoleon Hill, “Think And Grow Rich.”

Money, Money, Money

think successIt is a book that I often return to, especially when the going off track and I am reminded to “think success.”

On my last full reading of Think And Grow Rich, my concern was not with increasing my income. When I first read the book, my singular thought was, “How quickly will this make me rich?” Quite frankly, that might still be the concern of many first-time readers.  

The book suggests that one can become “rich” through one’s thoughts. I am sure many do. However, without putting words in Mr Hill’s ‘mouth’, being rich means more than money. Granted that is one result of ‘right thinking, the bigger picture here is “think success.”

More men and women have been motivated to achieve success because of reading Think and Grow Rich than by any other book written by a living author.  In 1987, Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback Fran Tarkenton hosted a TV infomercial that sold the 1960 version. In the introduction, Tarkenton stated that he believed Think and Grow Rich to be “the greatest most honored formula for success that has ever been developed.” (Ibid)

think successSuccess Thinking For Women

So, why is this book back at the forefront for me and why are we sharing information for it this month?

As a women-focused organisation, we are always seeking ways to share with women information that can positively change their lives.

Many years ago, I decided to use the 13 Steps from the book as my guide for the year. My aim was to go a bit deeper – how to thrive, how to think success for that year.

See, money has never been a motivating factor for me. This realization hit me many years ago. That has made it easy to walk away from relationships and professional positions. My desire is to be the best human being that I can be. The 13 Steps, helped me move further along that year.

Recalling my success back in 2017, and wanting to help women, particularly those who follow us on social media, we invite them to undertake this journey.

What I have done is to review and revise the steps outlined in the book, applying them to my greatest desire for this year.

Here are my adaptation of the steps and a summary of each. Grab pen and paper, and as you read start jotting down how you might apply them to your own journey.

Will you join us?

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