Easter Question: Whose Sin Did He Die For?

Easter is a time to put to death those things, ways and behaviours that have been holding you back. Time to rise and really start loving yourself.

It can be the most painful and the most heart-enlargening feeling. Love.

This bittersweet feeling that love contains is very real to me. Not meaning to be irreverent, there are times that I have wondered about it as well in the context of the stories taught regarding Jesus’ crucifixion.

The Easter Story

Having struggled with the Church’s doctrines of not just the Easter story but the birth one as well, for much of my youth and early womanhood I rebelled against the classical teachings.

His love was so great, we are told, that he died for our sins so that we may be forgiven. Yet, I have often wondered whether that sacrifice was willingly made or simply accepted as natural.

easterDid Jesus die for our sins or his own?

Before anyone goes ballistic on me for asking the question, understand that I love Jesus. No, not in a religiously fanatical way but as the Wayshower, the Guide and Model for how one can live one’s life.

Further, my question is not intended to dispute the Church’s doctrine and teaching. It is not an attempt to debunk any myth that they might have perpetuated. Most certainly they have and even more certain there are thousands of experts around the world who have shed light on these biblical stories.

A Deeper Understanding

My question is intended to move me and hopefully at least one other, to a deeper understanding of love, commitment and sacrifice.

How can we in current times love ourselves? How can we love that which propels us (God, Source, Allah, The Divine, whatever name you choose)? And, how do we love others so deeply and unconditionally that we commit our BE-ING and sacrifice (set aside) our self-directed actions for a larger purpose?

That is the intention and focus of this question. It is the one we hope will motivate you to do some self-reflection today.

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Be Blessed and Be a Blessing,


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