Answering The Call To Greatness: We All Can

Greatness“Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them.” ― William Shakespeare

Mother Teresa had a saying that “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.”

Since becoming conscious about my be-ing and even more intentional about my doing, this has been a guiding principle for my living.

I read that people have these great relationships with their parents and I am totally happy for them. I was not that fortunate. The lesson I learned from my experience was to do small things with great love for my child and now my grandchildren.

Greatness Is More Than Money

Sometimes, it will be money or a gift of something they really need or just because. Most times it is a smile, spending time with my daughter doing girl stuff or just chatting s***. Other times, it’s babysitting and sharing stories with my granddaughters about how they can be anything they want to be. Nobody’s permission is needed.

Vivid in my mind is the memory of my first granddaughter looking at me and giving me a toothless smile but her eyes hold mine and say, “Got it, crazy lady!”

I never wanted stuff from my parents or their families. I never got it anyway. The thing I wanted most was love – to be loved. I never got that either. Words were said but the actions never matched them. The actions were always “give me something and I will love you back.”

Small Acts With Great Love

A few weeks away from my 50th birthday, I made a promise to do even more small things with great love. Not because the recipient deserves it or can reward me but because it is who I have become. It is my calling.

As a believer in “like attracting like,” I have seen this actively operating in my life, I know that Love will grow not through hating on people, judging, comparing or discriminating. I give only what I am.

The Greater I AM is my Source and It is Love.

I have “lost” friends and partners along the way but I know there is no loss in this Universe. We all have our paths. Mine is Love. Words are not enough for me, I heard enough in my 50+ years.

When I am loving towards people, not necessarily or primarily in an intimate way, outwardly demonstrative or giving them tangible things, I am my happiest. My giving and therefore my loving tend to be of myself – my care, concern, support, time and lastly money. That is exactly the order of priority.

greatnessYour Calling Is To Greatness

Some find their calling easily, they were literally born knowing what it was. Then there are those who like me came to it after much confusion, stumbling and even struggle.

I looked for love, hoped for it, chased it and almost committed suicide because I thought I lost it. All the time it was standing there beckoning to me, quietly calling me to let it flow.

Only then, did my sharing become more meaningful and the rancour and bitterness disappeared. My calling is to tell stories, short and small stories and to do small things with and from love only.

Asked why I do what I do, why I share so much and so publicly – well, it is my calling. I feel alive, time passes, the invisible dots connect and the words flow from me when I write. For years now, I arise each morning around 3:00, knowing at that moment what the day’s focus will be. Invariably and in the last seven years or so, Love is clearly the undertone, the ink that makes the connections.

The more I follow my calling, the more friends I have lost. I am not sure why but I am not overly bothered by it. That is the ‘price’ one pays when you deliberately do what you are called to do. Those with whom you no longer share the same dark pit because you have stepped into the light of your true name will be mad at you. They no longer recognize or are comfortable with your differentness.

It can get lonely, you miss the chitchat, however as you step further and deeper into your calling, new companions come along.

Would you stay true to yourself and be who you are called to be? Have you heard, felt, or have been led to your calling yet?

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