The Road to Bliss

“The Road to Bliss” by: David Ferruolo

The road to bliss is a process – a process within you, your community, your state, your country, and your world. Within each of us is the ability to choose harmony and peace over dissonance and vengeful, fear-based reactions to the circumstances of life. If we choose to follow our hearts and listen to our spirits, we can choose a better way of thinking and acting. We will have an impact and lasting effect on others and the world around us.

So if you want to live a blissful life, you have to be the embodiment of bliss and all the universal components that connect you to bliss. Don’t just externalize what you want. Make it your essence. You have to become what you seek – be the essence of what you desire. Without fear, just be your amazing self, an embodiment of the facets of bliss. Let these things be true for you.

Facets of Bliss

1. Be Forgiveness

You have learned to be in a state of clemency and kindness for others always. It has become your nature to automatically forgive without a second thought. It is now part of your soul, your essence, your core to act with mercy and pardon for all those who unknowingly bestow pain and suffering toward you. You hold dear the words of Jesus, as he hung, crucified upon the cross; “Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do.”

You are continually exercising forgiveness in your daily life and are able to receive forgiveness from those you have trespassed against. You walk in the grace of the heavens because you know nothing can be more blissful than to know that God smiles down upon you. You are forgiven and your soul has been forgiven.

2. Be Love

You have opened your heart and mind to the divine possibility that everything vibrates at certain levels. You understand lower vibrations of negativity, anger, and fear, and higher vibrations of love and compassion. People can feel the “vibes” in the air and they are contagious. You send vibrations of love and joy from the depths of your heart and soul. You find, in turn, you have an effect on the world around you. You don’t just talk about loving the earth and mankind, you feel it in your being. Combating the feelings of fear, anger, vengeance, and negativity, you have replaced them with thoughts and actions of kindness and love and live in harmony and bliss with everyone around you and the world.

3. Be Peace

You have peace in your life because you practice peace, every moment of every day. You do not forget your center and the knowledge that peace is only a state of mind-a choice you make. You are quiet and calm and do not become reactive but are active. Close your eyes and breathe in the calmness of the universe. You have planted the seeds of peace deep within, and bliss blossoms from your soul.

4. Be Beauty

Beauty is much more than skin deep-it radiates from inside our souls. Knowing that you are not afraid to let your tender, creative self shine through. You are joyful and spread happiness. You forgive and are peaceful. Your true inner beauty is seen. You have learned to be loving and true to yourself. Affectionately, you allow your beautiful self to radiate from the depths of your soul. You truly know the essence of your inner splendor and do not keep it hidden within you, but let it shine through for all to see. Because you connect with your inner beauty, people see you as a beautiful person. You inspire others to allow themselves to be beautiful.

5. Be Powerful

You speak your truth with integrity. Standing in your power means knowing yourself and what you are doing at all times. With honesty and truth, you stand for who and what you believe in. You respect and appreciate others’ opinions and values. You look for a harmonious solution to every situation. You speak with wisdom, not spite. You stay loyal and true to your values and morals. Without fear, you move forward, generously leading the way for those less courageous than yourself. You radiate love and security and inspire blissfulness and courage through your actions.

6. Be Patience

You are willing to wait and accept the quiet times between action and results. There is no sense of urgency or rush, for you know that scuttling and hurrying only lead to stress and dissonance. There is a calmness about you as you quietly go about your busy day. Not lazy at all, you are very productive but cool and exacting in action. You realize life is meant to be savored and those who speed through miss out on the glories of existence. You live in the moment and savor every second of your gift of life. At the end of a hectic day, you are still full of vigor and zeal, for you have not wasted precious energy on hurry, worry and stress. You are looked up to and many seek your counsel, no matter what your position in work, school, community, or family may be. You are patient, calm, and peaceful. Your powerful essence draws others to you.

7. Be Abundance

You know the meaning of abundance is not being monetarily rich, but wealthy with bliss. You are filled with love, peace, joy, and harmony. You spread your abundance selflessly to all you come in contact with. You are a sage, a prophet, and a preacher of love and happiness. You empower and motivate through your shining example the knowledge that we need not be rich to have lavish abundance in our lives.

You are forever grateful for what you have and you constantly show your appreciation and respect for those who help you and the heavens above. You are a pillar of strength and wisdom and freely share the lessons of life you have learned. You have no expectations of others, but endeavor to experience what everyone and what life has to offer. You walk humbly with an open heart, greeting everyone as brothers and sisters on this journey of life. You are a shining example of how people should live-not perfect, just striving to be better than you were yesterday.

blissThe Path of Bliss

As we endeavor to walk the path of bliss-to act out of spirit for the good of all-we venture out alone. We must have the courage to stand true, to know the potential of blissful living. Courage is not the absence of fear, but the ability to move forward into uncertainty while facing your fears. Just the act of commitment and effort will bring you the power to adapt and change.

Know that you will lose some friends, but gain many more. Know you can light the path but you can never make someone walk the road. Not everyone will understand your commitment to living a better life. Most will not have the courage or the will to change their habits and know themselves for who they are. Stand in your truth with integrity and fortitude. Don’t fear what others may think. Seek encouragement, wisdom, and praise from the inside. Know that by following your heart, you will inspire others to follow their own hearts too. Know that when you connect with the bliss of life, your world will be transformed and truly amazing!


Author Bio
David Ferruolo is the author of ‘Connecting with the Bliss of Life; Powerful Lessons for Living a Peaceful and Happy Life.’ He is a former Navy SEAL, who has chosen a spiritual path. A lifetime of interest in philosophies and metaphysics gives David a vast knowledge bank of information for his writing and life coaching practice. David’s life has been nothing less than inspirational. Visit his website at

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