Imagine Yourself ~ Situational Mental Health

Now is the time for all of us to develop our mental health capacity to thrive

Developing our capacity to thrive through learning the skills and the process is why we developed our new groundbreaking program Imagine Yourself.

We all learned road and traffic safety from an adult as a child. I can still hear my mother’s voice “Stop look and listen before you cross the street. Stop look and listen before you move your feet.” She said/sang that little rhyme many times to me as a young one. I passed it on to my children.

Mental Health – Now Is The Time

It is time to educate ourselves and our children on the basics of health, easy-to-use yet very powerful mental health skills. Our capacity to cope and thrive in the difficult challenges that lie ahead depends on it.

The Planet

Life on this planet is happening at a pace our ancestors would find hard to believe. We are accomplishing more in science, health care and technology. Yet the planet is asking for our help as we experience changes to our weather and climate with more intensity than at any time in recorded history.

The Fast Pace And The Intensity

Some are not coping with the intensity of our current situations. Be it the climate, politics, serious public health issues, and vital job and income stability.

Helping our children and all of us learn skills to cope and thrive can assist us all to stay safer. When we develop the capacity to be calm and think slowly and deeply we are then able to discern when others are attempting to manipulate us

The ability to self-regulate is a vital skill that can last a lifetime. In the past century, it was something that was often exclusively taught to the elites of sports, health, corporations and government officials.

Learn more about protecting and self-regulating your mental health with us, starting today. Visit my website and let’s get started.

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