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Giving While Female: Women Are More Likely To Donate To Charities

Giving While Female: Women are more likely to donate to charities than men of equal means by Tessa Skidmore and Charles Sellen The American poet…
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International Women’s Day: Reminder Women Must Keep Fighting – Everywhere

International Women's Day: Reminder Women Must Keep Fighting — Everywhere by Candace Johnson International Women’s Day is a major global event that will be widely…

Greed: How Greedy Are You? Would You Like To Stop?

Greed: a selfish and excessive desire for more of something (as money) than is needed.” Okay, let us be honest. We all would be pretty…

Loneliness Could Kill You

Loneliness could kill you by Gillian Leithman Independence is glorified in North American culture as a symbol of strength. As a society, we value individual…
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Are You A Pervert? Challenging The Boundaries Of Sex

Are you a pervert? Challenging the boundaries of sex by Gonzalo R. Quintana Zunino  Are you a pervert? I believe you are. This statement might…
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Six Ways To ‘Reboot Your Brain’ After A Hard Year of COVID-19 According To Science

Six ways to 'reboot your brain' after a hard year of COVID-19 – according to science - by Barbara Jacquelyn Sahakian, Christelle Langley, and Jianfeng Feng …
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For Some People Dying Alone Is Not Such A Bad Thing – Here’s Why

For Some People, Dying Alone Is Not Such A Bad Thing by Glenys Caswell It seems so obvious that no one should die alone that…