Author: Michael H. Ballard

Nurturing A Positive Mindset For Yourself: The Ins And Outs

It is a daily exercise this nurturing a positive mindset. Developing confidence in your ability to solve problems and trusting your instincts helps build your resilience. In that famous quote by Stephen Covey, he asked: “What have you done to sharpen the Saw?” Sharpening Your Mind He meant how have you developed your problem-solving skills? Have … Read More

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Instant Gratification Or A Life That Matters: Which Do You Prefer?

A Definition Instant gratification – what does it mean. Let us start there. According to Positive Psychology, “Instant (or immediate) gratification is a term that refers to the temptation, and resulting tendency, to forego a future benefit in order to obtain a less rewarding but more immediate benefit.” Instant Gratification Or A Life That Matters We live … Read More

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How To Bounce Back From Life’s Big Stuff Moments

How to bounce back when life throws you down? Do you know how? Resiliency is starting to get more and more attention. Personal resilience helps us stay healthier, get better in school, have happier relationships, experience more joy and do better in our jobs. Family resilience also offers that and makes for better neighbours and … Read More

How Can You Be Happy? Dude, You Have Cancer!

How can you be happy? Seriously? Several times during my often frightening challenges with two bouts of cancer, multiple treatments and life-saving midnight surgery, I would get that question. How Can You Be Happy? Those were very intense times. I still have the gift of 77 medical clips and several large scars that help to … Read More

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