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December 2020: The End Of A Difficult Year

December was a most anticipated month and this year it was for entirely different reasons. A Corona Christmas is not what any of us thought we would have on January 1, 2020. However, it is what we got. December On Lockdown Again Due to people’s unwillingness to either believe that COVID-19 is real or that … Read More

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September Round-Up At Daughters Of Sheba Foundation

September has come and gone but for some time stood still, kinda, as COVID-19 continues to plague us. September Ended And Some Are Waiting Like so many people, COVID-19 might have caught up with me. Not sure, expecting to get my test result any day now. Have been under the weather for almost 10 days … Read More

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Friday Round-Up: The Month That Is Ending

Friday. Thank God It’s Friday! That was something most of us who had a regular workweek, a 9 -5 job would joyfully say. COVID-19 changed that for many. Quarantined Or Isolated For Another Friday Towards the end of March, like so many of you, my working life changed. My health was not optimal and then … Read More

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