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elder abuse

Elder Abuse Increasing, Without Increased Awareness

"Elder abuse increasing, without increased awareness" by Linda R. Phillips, University of Arizona and Lisa Marie O'Neill, University of Arizona About 16% of older adults…
food safety

Food Safety Warnings Are Making Eating More Dangerous

"Food safety warnings are making eating more dangerous" by Martin Cohen, University of Hertfordshire California judges recently ruled that coffee must henceforth come with health warnings.…

The Agony of Defeat: How Olympians Can Deal With Failure

"The agony of defeat: How Olympians can deal with failure" by Kent Kowalski, University of Saskatchewan and Leah Ferguson, University of Saskatchewan It’s been said there’s…
think success

Think Success: The Definitive Guide

Think success and thrive. That's is the movement we are embarking on this month. Reaching back to a book and teaching that has proven wealth…
earn money

Winning Ways Women Can Make Money Online

COVID-19 has stretched budgets thin across the country, but many women have lost tons of money due to losing their jobs or having to take…

Worth Reading: Tried And True Manuals For Success

"Worth reading: Tried and true manuals for success," by Michael J. Armstrong, Brock University Editor’s note: The Conversation Canada asked our academic authors to share some…

Half The World Is Facing Water Scarcity, Floods And Dirty Water

"IPCC report: Half the world is facing water scarcity, floods and dirty water — large investments are needed for effective solutions" by Balsher Singh Sidhu, University…

Show Me The Money: Employees Not Only Want Better Pay, They Want Status

"Show me the money: Employees not only want better pay, they want status" by Scott Schieman, University of Toronto There has been endless chatter about…

Six Big Digital Trends To Watch In 2022

"Six big digital trends to watch in 2022" by Theo Tzanidis, University of the West of Scotland According to recent McKinsey research, 2021 was a…

Anger Management: Why We Feel Rage And How To Control It

"Anger management: why we feel rage and how to control it" by James Kirby, The University of Queensland and Stan Steindl, The University of Queensland…