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Newcomers Find Jobs, Prosperity In Atlantic Canada — If They Stay

"Newcomers Find Jobs, Prosperity in Atlantic Canada -- If They Stay" by Kelly Toughill If Anna Tselichtchev had been able to flee rural New Brunswick…

Not Thin, Not Skinny, Not Fat Or Fluffy: It Is Positively My Body

Body fixing, they call it or getting their bodies fixed. It is code for cosmetic surgery. Even in developing countries such as Jamaica, it seems…

Is Christianity Fading, Dying In People’s Hearts And Lives In The Western Countries?

Christianity. It has been on life support for some time now. At least that is what some think. Wrote about this possibility a few years…
international women's day

International Women’s Day: Reminder Women Must Keep Fighting – Everywhere

International Women's Day: Reminder Women Must Keep Fighting — Everywhere by Candace Johnson International Women’s Day is a major global event that will be widely…

Greed: How Greedy Are You? Would You Like To Stop?

Greed: a selfish and excessive desire for more of something (as money) than is needed.” Okay, let us be honest. We all would be pretty…
make no

Make No Apologies For Who You Are! Just Be Your Authentic Self

Boundary-Setting  - Make No Apologies Make your mistakes. That is how you learn. However, make no apologies for who you are or are becoming! We…
the immortal

The Immortal – And False – Myth Of The Workplace Queen Bee

The immortal – and false – the myth of the workplace Queen Bee by Isabel Fernandez-Mateo and Sarah Kaplan Catfights, mean girls, Queen Bees. We’ve…
happy birthday

Happy Birthday To Me! One More Year Completed And Cheers To New Beginnings

Happy Birthday to Me, the woman that I now am. For my 50th birthday, my daughter, first granddaughter (she was the only one at the…
why some words

Six Ways To ‘Reboot Your Brain’ After A Hard Year of COVID-19 According To Science

Six ways to 'reboot your brain' after a hard year of COVID-19 – according to science - by Barbara Jacquelyn Sahakian, Christelle Langley, and Jianfeng Feng …

Falling Through The Safety Net: Youth Are At The Heart Of Canada’s Mental Health Crisis

"Falling through the safety net: Youth are at the heart of Canada’s mental health crisis" by Ranmalie Jayasinha and Patricia Conrod  Canada is grappling with…