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Cut-throat Competitive: Are You Like That? Here Is Why You Should Reconsider Your Approach

Cut-throat competition, according to the Collins Dictionary means: If you describe a situation as cut-throat, you mean that the people or companies involved all want success and do not care if they harm each other…

Stability, Spouse Or Sex? Which “S” Comes First For You?

Stability, is that your priority? Or, is it having a spouse or just good sex? It Depends When this post was first published in 2005,…

Depression: The Silent Second Plague During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Depression. This was the description about this condition on our Facebook page this morning: Every man has his secret sorrows which the world knows not,…

3 Reasons Why You Should Push Or 3 Reasons To Back Off!

3 and 3 that is what we will share with you today. Reasons to push and reasons why you should just back off and allow…

Ever Lost So Much That You Feel There Is Nothing Else To Lose?

Ever, have you ever ‘lost’ so much that you felt that there is nothing else for you to lose? This last loss - this is…

Scared About After COVID-19 Changes: Work, Sex And Your Body

Scared. Down and outright scared some of us are. This COVID-19 pandemic brought about so many changes that have left all of us reeling. Self-isolated,…

Saturday: It Maybe Today Or Never To Hit The Play

Saturday, another 24 hours have passed and here we are. News broke this morning that Chadwick Boseman, the lead in the life-changing, self-esteem building blockbuster…

Women, Stop Fighting Each Other!

Women and fighting, unfortunately, can oftentimes be synonymous. Before going to bed at nights, one of my routines is to view some Facebook Watch videos.…

Time Heals All Things: Or Does It Just Age You?

Time heals they say but does it really or do you just get old and tired of the crying, the nonsense or the wounding? Time…

Use That Brain Of Yours: Learn Something New!

"Use it or lose it!" Have you ever been told that? Most of us heard that, especially as you get up in age. That phrase rings…