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7 Research-Based Resolutions That Will Help Strengthen Your Relationship In The Year Ahead

"7 research-based resolutions that will help strengthen your relationship in the year ahead" by  Gary W. Lewandowski Jr., Monmouth University The new year is going…

Joe Biden, A Father’s Love And The Legacy Of ‘Daddy Issues’

"Joe Biden, a father’s love and the legacy of ‘daddy issues’ among presidents" by  Chris Lamb, IUPUI President Joe Biden often talks about the close…

Is Your Partner A Man-child? No Wonder You Don’t Feel Like Sex

"Is your partner a man-child? No wonder you don’t feel like sex" by Emily Harris, The University of Melbourne and Sari van Anders, Queen's University, Ontario…

Runaway Meetings Are The Top Time Waster At Work

"Runaway Meetings Are The Top Time Waster At Work" by Barbara Bartlein A new nationwide survey finds that "runaway" meetings are the biggest time waster…

Late-night Eating May Cause Greater Weight Gain

"Late-night eating may cause greater weight gain – new research points to why" by Alex Johnstone, University of Aberdeen It’s long been popular advice for people…

The Importance of Taking Action

"The Importance of Taking Action" by: Daniel N Brown Enjoying a good life is common to us all. We all want the same things, good…

There Is Much More To Mindfulness Than The Popular Media Hype

"There is much more to mindfulness than the popular media hype" by Pierce Salguero, Penn State Mindfulness is seemingly everywhere these days. A Google search I…

Three Reasons To Eat Pumpkins Instead Of Carving Them This Halloween

"Three reasons to eat pumpkins instead of carving them this Halloween" by Hazel Flight, Edge Hill University Pumpkins are synonymous with autumn. But while most of…

Quiet Quitting And The Great Resignation Have A Common Cause – Dissatisfied Workers

"Quiet quitting and the great resignation have a common cause – dissatisfied workers feel they can’t speak up in the workplace" by James Detert, University of…

The Little Mermaid Has Always Been A Story About Exclusion

"The Little Mermaid has always been a story about exclusion – and its author was an outsider" by Michelle Smith, Monash University Disney’s forthcoming live-action adaptation…