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women small-business owners

4 Reasons Why Now Is The Best Time For Women Small-Business Owners To Further Their Education

Women small-business owners, this one is for you. The tale of the college drop-out who went on to create a unicorn, while being inspiring can…
two tips

Two Tips To Unstuck Your Career And Be The Boss Of Your Life

Two tips, only two is necessary, I believe to help you get your career back on track. Shared them before but they bear repeating. So…
covid-19 may

COVID-19 May Turn Back The Clock On Women’s Entrepreneurship

COVID-19 May Turn Back The Clock On Women’s Entrepreneurship by Wendy Cukier The Canadian government responded to the COVID-19 crisis in record time. It launched programs…

Keeping Up With Technology: How Well Are You Doing On That Front?

"Keeping up with the Joneses" -almost sure you have heard that saying. However, today we want to briefly ask you how well are you keeping…

Jamaican Women Are Strong, Resilient And Will Always Bounce Back

Jamaican women are strong. Just about every nation will say that about their women. And they would not be wrong. However, being biased, the focus…

Managerial Courage: 5 Tips From The Courage To Act And Sea Snakes

Managerial and Presidential - two words that seem more and more open to interpretation these days. What makes a person leading a team, small business,…

When A Pay Cut Is The Best Thing For Your Mental Health

When is enough, enough?” ― Anthony T. Hincks That is the question that each of us has to ask ourself at some point in life. Personally,…

Dare To Do It! Begin Now! There Is No Better Time

Dare to do it! Whatever "it" is - go for it right now! Take the first step at least. Your Invitation Awaits There is a…

Simple Startup Ideas For The Everyday Young Person

Simple. This word is used to mean that the startup ideas highlighted today require no major investments and are ready to go. Read this really…

Quit Running Your Mouth And Hustle During The Day And More At Night!

Quit the excuses. It is time to do it! Whatever "it" is, now is the time to get moving! Today's post will be brief as…