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When A Pay Cut Is The Best Thing For Your Mental Health

When is enough, enough?” ― Anthony T. Hincks That is the question that each of us has to ask ourself at some point in life. Personally, this is a question that has come up not only in relation to personal interactions. On at least two occasions in my career, this question was asked and answered – … Read More

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Dare To Do It! Begin Now! There Is No Better Time

Dare to do it! Whatever “it” is – go for it right now! Take the first step at least. Your Invitation Awaits There is a beautiful poem or essay, whatever you want to call it, entitled “The Invitation.” It is one of my favourites and one that has sunk in my mind and from which … Read More

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Simple Startup Ideas For The Everyday Young Person

Simple. This word is used to mean that the startup ideas highlighted today require no major investments and are ready to go. Read this really cool article by Bob Adams in Business Town. He critiqued people like us for writing about business ideas without having any business acumen. Had a good laugh at that. So … Read More

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