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Ageing Gracefully 101: Everything You Wanted To Know

Ageing: Are you ageing with a "bad" attitude? That is a relative word, "bad," and not one of my preferred. Labelling is not an activity…

The Ageing Face Of Homelessness In North American Cities

Homelessness. "The ageing face of homelessness in North American cities" by Sarah Canham, Simon Fraser University In Vancouver last month, more than 400 volunteers walked around,…
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Why Age Gives West African Women More Autonomy And Power

"Why age gives West African women more autonomy and power" by Marijke Verpoorten, University of Antwerp and Sahawal Alidou, University of Antwerp Several studies, covering…

Straight Talk About Ageing And How Two Health Issues Affect Your Sex Life

Straight. Real. That is what Daughters of Sheba has always been about. Now that we are an official nonprofit organization, we will still keep it…

Enabling Better Ageing: The 4 Things Seniors Need, And The 4 Things That Need To Change

Enabling better ageing: The 4 things seniors need, and the 4 things that need to change by Don Drummond, and Duncan Sinclair Canada’s population is…

The Surprising Reason Eating Less Meat Is Linked To A Longer Life

The Surprising Reason Eating Less Meat Is Linked To A Longer Life: A Smelly Toxic Gas by Rui Wang High-protein diets are having a moment.…