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Our Past: What Makes Emotional Healing So Hard?

When I was 5 years old our family moved to Starkville, Mississippi. My dad had secured a position as a research scientist at Miss. State…

As Canada Welcomes Historic Numbers Of Immigrants, How Can Communities Be More Welcoming?

"As Canada welcomes historic numbers of immigrants, how can communities be more welcoming?" by Leah Hamilton, Mount Royal University; Awish Aslam, Western University; Priscila Ribeiro Prado…

Why Addis Ababa Shouldn’t Criminalise Children Who Beg On Its Streets

"Why Addis Ababa shouldn’t criminalise children who beg on its streets," by Tatek Abebe, Norwegian University of Science and Technology Over half of Ethiopia’s 100 million…

A Change Will Do You Good

"A Change Will Do You Good," by Sharron Myers   As the last rays of summer's warmth ebb away and the gentle breezes of autumn…

The Colour Of Someone’s Skin Doesn’t Equate To Definitive Sameness

"The colour of someone’s skin doesn’t equate to definitive sameness," by Warren Clarke, University of Manitoba Despite the highly publicized 2020 murder of George Floyd and…

Toronto Caribbean Carnival Should Bring Attention To Anti-Black Racism

"Toronto Caribbean Carnival should bring attention to anti-Black racism affecting communities," by Hyacinth Simpson, Toronto Metropolitan University Every summer Toronto plays host to revellers and spectators,…

“Creating Prosperity Together”: How The Social Economy Model Saved The English City Of Preston

“Creating Prosperity Together”: How the social economy model saved the English city of Preston." For a long time, Preston was the centre of industry in…

Storytelling Allows Elders To Transfer Values And Meaning To Younger Generations

"Storytelling allows elders to transfer values and meaning to younger generations," by Mary Ann McColl, Queen's University, Ontario If you spent time over the holidays with…

Society Can Be Controlled Through Its Means Of Communication

"Society can be controlled through its means of communication" by Isaac Nahon-Serfaty, L’Université d’Ottawa/University of Ottawa Venezuelan philosopher, Antonio Pasquali, who wrote extensively about how media…

Bitterness Makes The Heart Grow Sicker

"Bitterness makes the heart grow sicker" by Monika Merkes, La Trobe University Maxims, like turn that frown upside down, may annoy you when ill-timed but it…