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Beating Coronavirus Requires Faith Leaders To Bridge Gap Between Religion And Science

Beating coronavirus requires faith leaders to bridge the gap between religion and science by Katherine Marshall While many religious communities have embraced physical distancing measures…

Enabling Better Ageing: The 4 Things Seniors Need, And The 4 Things That Need To Change

Enabling better ageing: The 4 things seniors need, and the 4 things that need to change by Don Drummond, and Duncan Sinclair Canada’s population is…
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COVID-19 May Turn Back The Clock On Women’s Entrepreneurship

COVID-19 May Turn Back The Clock On Women’s Entrepreneurship by Wendy Cukier The Canadian government responded to the COVID-19 crisis in record time. It launched programs…
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Pandemic December: How To Stay Connected And Resilient In A COVID-19 Holiday Season

Pandemic December - By Kerri Ritchie & Caroline Gerin-Lajoie A new perspective and approach may be required to get through this year’s pandemic-heavy holiday season.…