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Why Isn’t Anyone Talking About Who Gets Long COVID?

"Why isn’t anyone talking about who gets long COVID?" — Podcast with Lygia Navarro, The Conversation, and Vinita Srivastava, The Conversation Join us for this episode…

Together. With COVID-19’s Third Wave, We’re Far From ‘All In This Together’

With COVID-19's Third Wave, We're Far From 'All In This Together' by Yvonne Su Ontario Premier Doug Ford posted a photo of himself making cheesecake…
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Six Ways To ‘Reboot Your Brain’ After A Hard Year of COVID-19 According To Science

Six ways to 'reboot your brain' after a hard year of COVID-19 – according to science - by Barbara Jacquelyn Sahakian, Christelle Langley, and Jianfeng Feng …
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How Are You Living: In The Dark Or Freely?

How are you living? That is a question we ask of people every day. However, many do not wait for an answer. Even more important,…

Enabling Better Ageing: The 4 Things Seniors Need, And The 4 Things That Need To Change

Enabling better ageing: The 4 things seniors need, and the 4 things that need to change by Don Drummond, and Duncan Sinclair Canada’s population is…
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COVID-19 May Turn Back The Clock On Women’s Entrepreneurship

COVID-19 May Turn Back The Clock On Women’s Entrepreneurship by Wendy Cukier The Canadian government responded to the COVID-19 crisis in record time. It launched programs…

20 Lessons Learned In 2020 That Bear Daily Reminding

20 lessons that I learned last year. Not sure what to write for today's blog post, I recalled that in the early days of Daughters…

Conquer 2021 Like A Cow Girl. Know When To Hold, Fold, Walk Away And Run

Conquer the year or cower. What is your plan for 2021? Will you run it or will you be run over? Pandemic Survivors Most people…

Shopping For The Holidays? Keep Your Distance From Retail Workers!

Shopping for the holidays? Keep your distance from retail workers by Nada Elnahla and Leighann C. Neilson Maintaining social distancing inside retail stores during the…
The World

The World Needs More Women Leaders — During COVID-19 And Beyond

The world needs more women leaders — during COVID-19 and beyond. This article was written by Louise Champoux-Paillé, Concordia University; Anne-Marie Croteau, Concordia University, and Steven…