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Coping With Loss: We Need A National Strategy

"Coping with loss: We need a national strategy to address grief beyond the coronavirus pandemic," by Susan Cadell, University of Waterloo The new president of the…
estate tax

Will The Estate Tax Ever Go Away?

Estate Tax: Will It Ever Go Away? by Thomas McNally was originally published in 2010. The "Estate Tax" is the tax that the government puts…
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My Baby Died: How Do I Go On?

How do I, how do you go on when the most devastating thing that one can imagine, happens? There are many people who will simply…

Grief & Loss: How To Experience Grief And Cope With The Death Of A Spouse

Grief has touched my life in the most personal and intimate of the way since first writing this. My husband was murdered on July 4,…
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For Some People Dying Alone Is Not Such A Bad Thing – Here’s Why

For Some People, Dying Alone Is Not Such A Bad Thing by Glenys Caswell It seems so obvious that no one should die alone that…

What Is The Meaning Of Life? That Is Life’s Biggest Question

What is the meaning of life? Really, you and I want to know or do we? Wrapping Up September is drawing to a close. With…

Ever Lost So Much That You Feel There Is Nothing Else To Lose?

Ever, have you ever ‘lost’ so much that you felt that there is nothing else for you to lose? This last loss - this is…