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What Is ‘Eldest Daughter Syndrome’ And How Can We Fix It?

"What is ‘eldest daughter syndrome’ and how can we fix it?" by Yang Hu, Lancaster University Have you heard of “eldest daughter syndrome”? It’s the emotional…

The Grandmother Effect Suggests That Proximity Is A Factor In Family Size

"The grandmother effect suggests that proximity is a factor in family size," by Patrick Bergeron, Bishop's University The human species is one of the very…

Simple: How Finland Decreased Maternal Mortality Rates With A Cardboard Box

Finland has the world’s lowest mortality rate among babies and pregnant women. And all because of a cardboard box! The state gives expectant families a…

Family: Expanding The Definition Of Family To Reflect Our Realities

Family: Expanding The Definition To Reflect Our Realities by Hilary Rose and Shannon Hebblethwaite The second Monday in February is Family Day in parts of…