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What Nelson Mandela Can Teach Us

"What Nelson Mandela can teach us about lifelong, dialogue-rich learning" by  Peter Rule, Stellenbosch University Nelson Mandela’s life and writings reveal his fascination with education.…

Girls, Girls Everywhere! Parents Please Teach Them These Lessons

Girls, Girls, Girls - they grow into women and it is our responsibility to make sure they do with the least harm. "So amazing how…
five things

Five Things To Say No Thanks To And Never Repeat

Five, yes, here are five things that you ought to say, "No thanks," and never repeat. Before getting into the details of those five things,…

Lifetime Lessons From A Grade School Teacher We All Can Learn

Lifetime lessons are taught daily but often we do not recognise them at the moment. This was written several years ago but bears repeating at…
life is

Life Is About Choices: Which Ones Will You Make Today?

Life is about choices. There is no two way about that. Bitter Or Better We can choose to be bitter or better. We can choose…

Transforming Lives: 11 Offered But ONLY One Teacher Changed Lives

Transforming lives, that is the topic of our conversation today. So, let me share a story. An Abundance Of Energy My Dad shared a conversation…
happy birthday

Happy Birthday To Me! One More Year Completed And Cheers To New Beginnings

Happy Birthday to Me, the woman that I now am. For my 50th birthday, my daughter, first granddaughter (she was the only one at the…

Motivational Monday: Big Stuff Moments Of Michael’s Life

Motivational Monday is a popular hashtag and we are using it today to share one of my life's big stuff moments. How One Event Changes…

20 Lessons Learned In 2020 That Bear Daily Reminding

20 lessons that I learned last year. Not sure what to write for today's blog post, I recalled that in the early days of Daughters…

Life Lessons: Karma, Timed Misfortunes Or Crappy Coincidences? Which Are They?

Life lessons, you say but many call them a gong show, happenstance and other unsavoury names. In the coming weeks, Michael H. Ballard, a man…