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Change: Do You Do It or Does it Undo You?

It has been said that CHANGE is THE only constant. Change is all around us every day and every day our lives are changing. It…

Chapters Of Our Lives: What Are You Writing This Year?

Chapters of the Book Of Life is written by each of us every year that we live. "Every stage of life is a chapter of…
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Life Is About Choices: Which Ones Will You Make Today?

Life is about choices. There is no two way about that. Bitter Or Better We can choose to be bitter or better. We can choose…
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How Are You Living: In The Dark Or Freely?

How are you living? That is a question we ask of people every day. However, many do not wait for an answer. Even more important,…

Enabling Better Ageing: The 4 Things Seniors Need, And The 4 Things That Need To Change

Enabling better ageing: The 4 things seniors need, and the 4 things that need to change by Don Drummond, and Duncan Sinclair Canada’s population is…

God’s Gifts: Recognizing Them And Letting Go The Past

“God's greatest blessing; gift of children.”― Lailah Gifty Akita We all have things that we grapple or struggle with at some point in our lives. Things…

Life Is Like Going Through Labour Pains Daily

"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” ― Albert Einstein I visited my OBGYN the weekend before my second…

Back To Basics: Stow These 4 Tips For The Trip

Back to basics. That is what we are doing today. No, not asking or suggesting that you give up the washing machine, microwave or any…

Better: Life Does Get Better When…Fill In The Blank

"Better must come one day." That was the name of a song that I joyously danced to as a young woman. It was also the…

September: Time To Accept What Is Truly Yours!

September is usually the time children around the world go back to school. It is also the time that those of us living where colder…